and now Richard Armitage is an actor/director

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~ by Servetus on August 10, 2016.

21 Responses to “and now Richard Armitage is an actor/director”

  1. Maybe he directed an episode of Berlin Station? I wonder what he directed.

  2. What the actual f…?! I go to the supermarket and Armitageddon unleashes!

  3. I’m pretty sure that any actor has that “title” on their Facebook description. I noticed it on all the accounts that I follow. Not that I follow that many, mind you. LOL

  4. I can’t deal with all of this. It’s just too much. I wonder what it is like for him. I imagine as an actor he dreamed of reaching a certain level of success to pursue his art, parts and projects that he finds fulfulling, but then the marketing machine nightmare takes up a really large portion of your time and energy. I am really hoping to see one of his projects, like Urban or Pilgrimage soon (like in the next year or two??) instead of just hearing about them. Growing impatient and getting a little tired of promotion of things not seen.

    • Guessing he has to do this for BS (wow, what an acronym in this situation), but in general I’m with you. Need some content, not just publicitly.

  5. Moody Actor, Anti-Socialite is a much better description.

  6. Well, I just liked his FB page. I’m not sure about Instagram yet.

  7. “Actor/Director” is the preset category for actors on FB. And boy, am I turned off. Just a little bit too much, for my taste. I actually hope for him that he is posting via Hootsuite or any other social media client. Maintaining 3 platforms separately would otherwise be rather annoying. Mind you – since he doesn’t interact with his followers, it doesn’t really make a difference. These are just two further social media channels, and his first posts show that he is cross-posting the same content on all channels, so no need to follow everywhere. I certainly am not going to get sucked into FB.

  8. I wonder if this is his actual audience according to the quantity of followers on FB as of today: 49K

    • Wow, Julia, we thought the same thing. When I saw the numbers, I thought, this really IS an army! I am only one of 49,000 who notice and admire his work? It’s an odd thought. For him it must be surreal. His numbers on Weibo, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram…it must be very unsettling to be “known and noticed.” As for me, I watch, but I don’t have accounts with any of these platforms except Facebook. I haven’t even checked his page out yet. I have nothing to say to him IRL, so I think I will continue to watch and admire his work only. Despite his “availability,” he is still ever elusive.

      • Most people aren’t paying especially close attention, though. AFAIK the rule of thumb is that 5% of social media followers are truly engaged. Still a bit number, though.

  9. I notice in the introduction RA made for Berlin Station, he said: “…my new epic series…” This made me wonder if he has a share in it – as in producer/director?
    I’m having trouble keeping up with him, but it doesn’t really bother me 😉 I’m just here for the ride…

    • could be, but somehow I’m guessing that a series that hires Michael Roskam as director isn’t going to give someone a first chance to direct. But I certainly could be wrong.

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