Feel free to stop the political platitudes

Screen shot 2016-08-10 at 9.25.23 AMYes, I know you’re talking about Trump, but this is an impossible standard.

~ by Servetus on August 10, 2016.

27 Responses to “Feel free to stop the political platitudes”

  1. Hmm… Playing devil’s advocate here: In the case of Trump (and not just him), I get the impression that he likes to say inacceptable things, knowing how they will be understood / heard by people, and then claim that he didn’t mean them like that at all. (Which we all believe, of course…) That’s something worth cricitising, in my opinion.
    But otherwise you’re right. I can’t generally be made responsible for how people (mis)understand things I say. The same goes for Armitage himself. We quite often don’t understand his tweets, for example, or we have different opinions about what he could have meant. We might get it completely wrong. That’s hardly his responsibility / fault. (At least as long as he stays away from cryptic remarks, which does happen…)

    • Right, but then we’re talking about a situation in which someone knew what they were saying and knew what effect it would have (Trump), but decided to deny it for reasons of political expediency. It’s a special case. Armitage could just have said something about Trump as opposed to quoting someone who seems to be generalizing about speech in general. It’s particularly galling that Michael Hayden is the one being quoted.

    • I mean, I seem to remember that Armitage was an opponent of the surveillance state and all.

  2. Woah, so, I assume he thinks he’s responsible for what other people hear (and understand?) too not just “us”? How does that work out for him the inquisitive mind wonders, and where does that leave us with his tweets, for instance? Does the “hearing” also include cultural differences which may or may not lead to a different understanding of what has been said? 😳 I don’t get it. At least not if he refers to it as a general rule of thumb and not only with regard to Trump’s recent Clinton/gun statement.

    • Yeah, we could make a really interesting list of things people believe him to have said over the years. I bet it would surprise him.

      • The more I watch his actions (thanks to your blog) the more I think he is in over his head and hasn’t realised it yet. Plus the additional Instagram and fb accounts – he and his agent need to learn the word ‘no’ which is perfectly acceptable in contract negotiations. He made a complete turn on this social media stuff, didn’t he? And I’m not convinced he’ll be happy in the long run with what he let himself in for.

        • Dang. — I didn’t know RA had FB & instagram accounts — boy am I behind the times! Seems to me RA is pretty riled up by Trump and is tweeting from a deeply personal perspective and not everyone’s going to agree with him even with the best intentions especially considering these are basically professional websites. I guess there’s a reason for the old saying re not discussing politics and religion at the dinner table except now it’s social media — which Is fascinating i.e. how we went from discussions at the dinner table to discussions on social media.

          • you’re not that far behind — he got them only about 14 hours ago, which I suppose is now an eternity.

            re: politics — I don’t mind if people want to discuss politics, I just wish they wouldn’t preach about them. To be fair to him, my RL FB is full of stupid crap this morning as well. But I think the reason I am so exercised is that he is once again showing himself to be a free speech opponent here. This statement is right in the middle of the kind of things that impact Berlin Station, as well.

            • Yea does appear to be policing going on even to the extent of being responsible for what someone else hears — yikes! He may need to separate the profressional from the personal, Although I follow a couple other celebrities that mix it up even to the extent of responding to fans on Facebook and it’s apparent they don’t care if they offend the fans or ruffle feathers.

        • The Instagram does make some sense. It would allow him to interact by posting pictures, which don’t necessarily require any words. That way every word wouldn’t be a controversy. It would also let him be a bit cheeky and leave us wondering, if he was in the mood for it. Facebook really surprises me though. That was almost certainly forced on him. I think so many people have moved away from fb for various reasons, whether it’s because it can be so negative, or in my case because it is an overwhelming black hole that can just eat up my day. I could go on with a cup of coffee, and then realize that three or four hours had passed. Twitter and Instagram are much more quickly navigated. I hope he won’t read responses, or get notifications that aren’t from family and friends. I think that would be a huge mistake for him, even if fans trying to engage him would be disappointed. Fans are constantly trying to get him to respond on Twitter, it never happens unless he starts arguing, which doesn’t end well.

          • It’s a catch-22: another way to speak to fans, but he’s not part of the conversation. FB with strangers is a really risky proposition. I hope he doesn’t respond — that’s equaly infuriating in its own way.

            • Oh, pleeaase don’t let him respond. Don’t even let him read what anyone else says. 😙

              • I doubt he’ll be able to resist the temptation. And that could lead to a whole lot of other issues (fb) for him as a self-proclaimed people pleaser. Especially if he continues with his political statements – fb is tricky there. And also, these things need to be kept up-to-date to make sense / remain interesting for fans which may be okay at the moment, but once he’s back working, it will remain to be seen how he copes then. Instagram seems alright – is it linked to fb or Twitter or both?

  3. interesting. so if you’re responsible not only for what you say but how people understand it, then I think that “responsibility” includes clarifying your intent when it’s misunderstood, and continuing to stand by your words when met with opposition. instead of, you know, deleting what you’ve said b/c you don’t feel like dealing with it anymore…

  4. I guess I felt this was pretty sharply focused contextually toward this specific remark of Trump’s, the way the tweet reads – rather than generalized toward everyone. The concern being that Trump continues not to pay attention to what he says, how he says it, or where – if he can’t get a grip on his mouth now, than when will he ever? I think it’s a legitimate concern, since he wants to be president of the US – while I’m very much on for free speech in general.

    • But he’s quoting someone who meant it generally. Pointing this out is not intended as a defense of Trump.

      • Oh, I figured it was no defense of Trump, it’s pretty tough to defend him on this. I guess I read Hayden’s quote differently & thought he was speaking specifically about what Trump said rather than more generally. But perhaps I’m wrong about that. I haven’t read much analysis of this, other than this article, nor did I see Tapper’s interview w/Hayden.

        • Second person plural is key to my reading here. “You” can’t means “one can’t,” or “no one can,” i.e., the prohibition is generalizable to all.

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