Richard Armitage gets a public Facebook

There have been suspicions for years. Here‘s the mobile page.

Screen shot 2016-08-09 at 7.05.10 PM

~ by Servetus on August 10, 2016.

47 Responses to “Richard Armitage gets a public Facebook”

  1. He seems rather relunctant, lol. Looks like he had to for EPIX & Berlin Station. Poor guy.

  2. More places for him not to reply back… (grinds teeth). Why bother?

  3. Oh, the speculations that are flying through my head…

  4. Maybe he should consult Jed Brophy for some advice. Right now, it looks like all Berlin Station promo and charity asks.

    • Brophy is a master — but he’s really pulled back from FB himself in comparison to earlier.

      • Brophy clearly runs his own page. I don’t anticipate Armitage engaging with fans on FB any more than he does on Twitter – even less.

      • Yeah, Jed’s come in for his share of drama on FB which spills onto Twitter…. I picture this being “splained” to Richard that he has the biggest soc media fancount & the importance to Epix that this succeeds – especially since B Station is the lead-in for Graves too.

  5. Long day of travel with Delta, flying from the east coast to west and I get a nice surprise after arriving home

    • This was surprising although I supposed considering EPIX’s preening about its cross platform strategy, it shouldn’t be.

  6. I worder who are all the ladies pics of whom he (his team) posted on Facebook with a comment “You know what I’m saying?”

  7. What is going on? Is the earth spinning off it’s axis?

  8. Too many platforms so little time. I don’t want to follow these myself. I rely on you, Serv to pass on the information. I hope you will have plenty of time to cover the new sources for all of us who are too busy/lazy to look at them first-hand. I am counting on you. 🙂

    • Me too! 😉

    • I think it’s going to be the same info on three different platforms, but it’s no trouble for me to follow FB which I use all the time anyway. So I’ll only have to add instagram.

  9. I assume there will be a lot of publicity type cross posting in light of BSt. I moved away from fb for reasons and don’t plan to really go back. I sorta doubt postings will be different cross platforms so hopefully time-saving to keep looking at just one 😉 Unless he plans to expand on his photographic talents on Instagram, which i would totally be on board with.

    And i’m sure there are additional pairs of hands 😉

    • FB is really problematic. I hope the BSt people know how the FB advertising algorithm works (and fans know what theyhave to do to boost the account), but I’m not too optimistic based on what I saw last week.

      • i hope so too as i have no clue and my appetite to learn more about fb is sadly zero; i’ll leave it to the professionals and limit myself to broadcasting articles to see how it will do in terms of audience, where it will sell, etc

  10. Oh and strange he/they choose this pic, slightly over-exposed i feel (deer in headlights effect) and it is one of the few where the make up show really starkly. Meh. But i’m meh on the new profile photo too, so hm.

  11. Humming quietly “If I could turn back time…”

  12. Oh, the pressures of coming into the US world of artist.

  13. I know i sound like a giddy school girl with a crush, but i am so excited that Mr. Richard Armitage is on facebook,(even though you can leave a reply to him and he might answer, I would freak out. I rather just leave my comments here and a couple of other blogs. I have a feeling that Mr. Richard Armitage only open this account and Instagram because the people from berlin station, and other people told him too. just the way it says in the picture(above),” alright I did it ” sounds like he didn’t really want to do it. it makes me feels like he is acting like an outcast trying to please and do anything the cool crowd tells him to do. he should be a man and tell these people that he doesn’t want to do it. I know at first he didn’t want to do twitter, but then he wanted people to get to know the real him and the charities that he is doing, so he chose twitter. if these people really want everybody to know about berlin station why not do billboards, television, radio, magazines, etc.

  14. […] not. And yes, I agree it was hard to attribute intention when he only had 140 characters, but in 2016, he got FB. I thought that would make things easier for him, but it apparently did not. There was a certain […]

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