Collateral attractions: Jed Brophy

Stephen Hunter interviews Jed Brophy about acting.

~ by Servetus on August 12, 2016.

6 Responses to “Collateral attractions: Jed Brophy”

  1. Thank you, Servetus!


    • You’re welcome — I thought it was funny if not earth-shattering. I can imagine it must be frustrating to agree to do something and then not have it happen.


  2. From the time I was 16 I was going to be a singer and that was my life. Nothing else mattered. I did not fit in, looked different,all time was spent working on this, sang all along the East coast including Nashville TV and every time was “this is it”, but Jed hit it so on the head when he said “It just wasn’t meant to be” and what gets you through is you do it because you love it. I still love sing for the love of it and you never give up something you love.


    • I suspect that Brophy might be working in some more larger projects if he weren’t insistent on living in NZ. (I am not criticizing this decision; I applaud it). A lot of it is absolutely luck, though.


  3. I always liked Stephen Hunter and Jed Brophy. They come across as decent, down to earth guys who happen to be actors; they do not appear to be “precious” about their “art” (thankfully!) I enjoyed their insights and their frankness about finding the next job after the highs of the Hobbit.
    I would be surprised if Richard Armitage agreed to do a similar talk/interview with Stephen Hunter (more’s the pity!) I personally think it would be good to see him engage in a bit of light hearted interview banter with an old colleague although I don’t know whether he or his agent would necessarily agree!


    • I would LOVE it if Armitage did a film in this series. I doubt he’d do it, though. I had the impression that the BTS stuff and the interviews were basically what he wanted to reveal about his time on that set. I think I recall reading somewhere that he had asked to be contractually excused from BTS participation; I know I read that he tried to avoid letting people see Thorin when he wasn’t in full gear; and I remember a quote along the lines of “no one but us is every going to know what this was really like.” Which is cool — his business. But it would be delightful to see him shooting the breeze with Hunter, esp since he said Bombur was his favorite dwarf.


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