Richard Armitage as vampire by Sarah Dunn

These are just awful. No other word I can think of. The bluish one reflects how I feel when I’ve eaten bad fish.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - MARCH 30:  Actor Richard Armitage is photographed for Empire magazine on March 30, 2014 in London, England.  (Photo by Sarah Dunn/Contour by Getty Images)

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – MARCH 30: Actor Richard Armitage is photographed for Empire magazine on March 30, 2014 in London, England. (Photo by Sarah Dunn/Contour by Getty Images)

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - MARCH 30:  Actor Richard Armitage is photographed for Empire magazine on March 30, 2014 in London, England.  (Photo by Sarah Dunn/Contour by Getty Images)

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – MARCH 30: Actor Richard Armitage is photographed for Empire magazine on March 30, 2014 in London, England. (Photo by Sarah Dunn/Contour by Getty Images)

~ by Servetus on August 13, 2016.

41 Responses to “Richard Armitage as vampire by Sarah Dunn”

  1. Das ist wahrlich keine Sternstunde der Fotografie 😏

  2. Indeed. It’s surprising coming from Sarah Dunn 🤔

  3. I’m not a big Dunn fan (where is Robert Ascroft when you need him?) but the photographic choices here seem worse than usual. Even having a sense of irony wouldn’t have saved her here.

    • There were some shots that she did that I thought were amazing, but these are not very good. Even a bit weird.

      • Guylty was (is?) a big fan of hers.

        • Hm. I think I need to write a big clarificatiin post on that. I was never a “big” or any other kind of “fan” of hers, although there have been some images that I liked (RA sitting on box, RA standing amd smiling into his fist), but for the most part I think she does what she has to do – make portraits of the guy. Technically fine. Not always my cup of tea in terms of aesthetics. These particular pics are not my favourites – like the first from the series which I never even gave the ooof treatment…

      • The strangest might have been having g him climb the ladder.

  4. Not. a . fan.
    Of the pics…RA is still okey dokey!

  5. I don’t think anyone could look good with those what/ tints, filters? Need Guylty to weigh in on these. Pasty white bordering on corpse-like is not usually a flattering skin tone for most people. Other than that, he looks pretty good.

    • She’s setting him up to star in a film about tuberculosis. I’m always up for a film adaptation of The Magic Mountain.

      • Lol. Or any drama that features a guy with no red corpuscles. Or a guy that has lived underground for a few decades. With no tanning bed available.

      • Er wäre zu alt , um dieses egozentrische, hypochondrische und sehr anstrengende Jüngelchen Hans Castorp darzustellen. Ich könnte ihn mir aber gut als Settembrini vorstellen, da käme seine manchmal oberlehrerhafte Art sehr gut zur Geltung und er wäre sicher wunderbar darin, seine tiefen Überzeugungen in flammende Worte zu fassen 😉

  6. love, love, the top picture. I really love his beautiful, haunted gray eyes( I know his eyes are blue)but in this picture (to me) the eyes look grey. I am not to crazy about his hair, it is to dark( have a feeling he had to dye it for a role or something) because the sides are brown with a little gray. the picture would of been sexier if his hair was a little bit long and with his natural hair color. the second picture is okay, Mr. Richard Armitage looks a little stiff and behind him over his left shoulder looks like a mixture of Gandalf and one of the dwarves and have a mean look on its face and over Mr. Richard Armitage’s right shoulder is a giant hand with very long fingers that looks like it is ready to grab Mr. Richard Armitage. I also heard they are doing a remake of Interview With A Vampire, Mr. Richard Armitage would make a great Lestat or Armand.

    • I think one reason his hair looks so short is that it’s tied behind his head (this was the Chop hair from the spring of 2014) that looked so odd in so many of the pictures).

  7. These depress me.

  8. Were these found in: “How to Make a Handsome Man Look Dreadful?”

  9. Not a fan of Sarah Dunn and definitely not a fan of these pictures. I’m not a professional by any stretch but they look amateurish to me. That or trying too hard like some of other pictures she’s taken (IMO.)

    • yeah, the effect she’s trying to get someone how seems more important than the picture.

      • That’s exactly it. When you look at her work the focus is on her photography not the celebrity. The pictures I like best catch the celebrity at their best – even better if it appears genuine.

  10. I actually like the one on top… I’m starting to like the vampire vibe on him, lol. The blue one, not so much- I’m really not trying to be contrarian ❤

  11. I do like the top one! His eyes are unbelievably beautiful, and the charisma he bears comes through them. I love the crinkles, his lips and the color scheme. The bottom one is not a fav, but I was never a fan of posed shots where the sitter looks forced and uncomfortable (remember that strange set with the art deco background?) Anyway, there are Sarah Dunn photos I love, and some I could do without. ..she’s not a consistent favorite of mine.

  12. RA looks inherently evil. I like those photos a lot. Makes me feel he’s ready for Halloween. Maybe he can go trick or treating looking like that?

  13. I really don’t like the washed out colours of the first one, and he looks tense and unhappy in the situation. There are much better photos of him around. He still looks good – I prefer this to the selfies that seem to have all wrinkles removed etc.. But what the photographer did here isn’t appealing.
    That’s also something I didn’t like about the latest photos for Berlin Station – everything is too pale and washed-out.

  14. Den verwaschenen Hintergrund mag ich überhaupt nicht, aber auf dem ersten Bild gefallen mir sein Ausdruck und besonders die Augen sehr gut. Er guckt irgendwie geheimnisvoll, fast tiefgründig… kann auch an meiner momentanen Stimmung liegen. Man muss immer die Filter bedenken, durch die man die Welt gerade sieht.

  15. When I wondered a couple weeks ago how Richard would be as a sexy vampire, this is nothing like what I had in mind.

  16. The top one looks like my Dad’s business portrait from the early ’80’s and the bottom one looks like the horrid school portraits with the same sort of backdrops. The only pics of RA of hers that I have like so far was when he was sprawled on that bed, cause that bed looked just like mine — so yeah, loved those ones!

  17. Actually, I rather like the top one. Those eyes really shine and stand out, and I’m a sucker for those eyes 🙂
    However, the bottom one looks too ‘frozen’ to me even though there’s a hint of a smile. RA is perhaps more ‘present’ in that one. Not that I’m an expert, of course, but it looks like RA has been shoved into the corner of a freezer. Many corporate photos of top-CEOs are set up like this in Denmark. Maybe to portray a certain coolness and superiority of the object.

    • third vote for the eyes.

      Armitage as refrigerator executive. 🙂

      • 😄 fourth vote!

      • “The Armitage”, remember?:-)

        ‘Armitage as a ladder climber’ @Jane Steinmiller. I had completely forgot about those. Not my cup of tea either.

        Generally speaking, I’m not adversary to SD’s photographs. My favourite is where RA walks towards me/us in that massive coat. It was part of the ‘bed series’.

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