Wish Richard Armitage a happy birthday — a few fan-shared options

First picture of himself tweeted by Richard Armitage, August 22, 2014.

First picture of himself tweeted by Richard Armitage, August 22, 2014.

Before Richard Armitage joined Twitter, it was always an option to wish him a happy birthday by means of the fan forums or sites. For those who might not be on the same social media as he is or are interested, two of these options are still open this year:

RichardArmitageNet.com (anyone can post here, messages are moderated) — Ali forwards these greetings to Armitage’s agent.

Richard Armitage Central (you must be a member to post here) — Messages are forwarded by the admins to Armitage’s agent.

C19 and Armitage Army seem to have shelved this activity for now, but let me know if you know differently.

I do not send greetings to Armitage in any way, but following my multi-year custom, I will do a charity post on behalf of ChildLine, one of Armitage’s JustGiving options. I will donate a certain amount per comment made. Terms and conditions will be included in the post — you will have twenty four hours to respond.

If you were planning to send a gift, you might want to consider a donation as well or instead. Armitage opened these pages as a way to respond to the energy of fans who were sending him gifts, with the thought that many people in the world need support and love as much as or more than he does.

Richard Armitage’s 45th birthday will fall on August 22nd, 2016. Happy Armitage Day! Keep on Richarding!

~ by Servetus on August 13, 2016.

13 Responses to “Wish Richard Armitage a happy birthday — a few fan-shared options”

  1. Ha, 45 yet……


    • i wonder if he thinks at all about being fifty. I have recently. Weird feeling.


      • I was thinking about this too. As I’m approaching 40 I have these new (mixed) feelings.


      • Come and ask If you can see it dawning on the horizon 😁


        • Today was my brother’s birthday, which means it’s my half birthday. I might feel it more urgently except that unlike my brother, I’m not suffering from male pattern baldness. Poor guy.


          • Fortunately pattern baldness (kahle Stellen?) is not our problem 😁


            • True. Only that he’s five and a half years younger, but he looks older. Ah well.


              • Ausgleichende Gerechtigkeit 😉 Bei meinem Bruder haut das leider nicht hin. 4Jahre jünger und sieht auch so aus, inkl. volles Haupthaar. Naja, man muss auch gönnen können,


                • I’m definitely not the one who has to be charitable. Of the questionable legacies body-wise, he seems to have gotten every single one. But he is good at math, at least :), which I didn’t inherit. Not sure it’s a compensation.


  2. Has he ever acknowledged the fan messages sent to his agent in the past? Just curious 😉


  3. Thanks for the links. I like the idea of collected messages that are forwarded. It’s a pity Armitage Army gave up on that, but they seem to have had fewer and fewer messages. A lot of people seem to have moved to said social media instead.

    45… Yes, 50 is pretty close then, which I hadn’t given much thought until I read this here. (I’m almost the same age as him. Hmm. Despite the fact that it’s not so much about a number but about how you feel, 50 is still a pretty big step, or feels like it.)


    • the advancement in social media hit the discussion boards hard — they have a lot of rules (no posting of photos you don’t own, no personal conversation, and they can’t respond in real time in the same way now that we have twitter). I think Armitage’s appearance on Twitter was kind of the death knell. C19 will be around a bit longer, anyway, because it’s not only about Armitage, and RACentral seems to be doing fine, but Armitage Army made the fatal error of discontinuing its fan site when its originator no longer wanted to update it. That was the calling card for the forum.


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