I definitely would have hung around for one more kiss

Is the ending to Gaskell’s North & South too abrupt? Trudy speculates here.

JT Cravat

~ by Servetus on August 16, 2016.

26 Responses to “I definitely would have hung around for one more kiss”

  1. Das ist sowas von out of question! Er hatte sich doch gerade erst warmgeschmust….. 😊


  2. Oh, that kiss… They kissed twice in the end. No, not like this. He kissed he 5 times on the station (and she didn’t resist but there was no visible reaction from her side. Nonetheless it is the best kiss ever) and then in the train he kissed her twice. All the same one more kiss? 🙂 How many times did I use the “kiss”? Yes, I am really obsessed with that kissing in the end of the film 🙂


    • Interesting story about how I have watched North and South. I purchased a CD (with a beautiful photo of RA on it) four or five years ago and haven’t watch it (very weird I know) until February this year, when I’ve watched The Hobbit Unexpected journey and have discovered RA and fall in love with him. After this the time for North and South came at least. Love it. Re-watch it every time when I need to put thoughts in order…


    • I think she moved her lips in response, which would have sent his every nerve ending zinging!
      It looks like SHE initiated one of those sweet kisses back on the train.
      The whole thing must have sent him soaring-his smile couldn’t be any wider, and his arm is around her as the train moves them to Milton.

      I’m willing to bet that this train scene ending, with THE KISS is the most-watched ending of any period drama ever made.


  3. Love this picture 😈. The sooner Armitage is back in a cravat, the better as far as I’m concerned! 😉


  4. Oh yes, I’m lying in a puddle right now.
    Do you think he has enough kisses to go ’round?


  5. I’m sure Gaskell ended things at a very appropriate juncture–things were about to get pretty steamy! After holding back his potent feelings for two years, I think her acceptance might unleash a small storm. Hope they married quickly! Forget the banns….
    Thanks for sharing. 🙂


  6. Into The Storm!


  7. Comme j’ai écrit à Trudy quelques minutes plus tôt:
    Cette fin tronquée est une aubaine, car elle est à l’origine de toutes les fan fictions. Le livre reste le meilleur modèle d’inspiration. La série de la BBC, si excellente soit-elle, ne peut être que l’une des nombreuses variante inspirée par l’oeuvre de Gaskell. Que ce soit volontaire ou non, cette fin en queue de poisson aura laissé et laissera la meilleure part à l’imagination de tous les lecteurs et ceci à travers les siècles.


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