More new stuff on Berlin Station #richardarmitage

Here. Ah, the American accent.

~ by Servetus on August 16, 2016.

19 Responses to “More new stuff on Berlin Station #richardarmitage”

  1. So, is it good? The American accent? I still haven’t gotten used to it. Maybe if they post new trailers every day…?

    • It’s the best he’s managed yet. It’s better if you don’t look at him while he’s speaking. There’s something there about expectations.

      • Good point. The face and the accent don’t work together 😂 #Gewohnheitstier

        • Gott sei Dank macht mir das rein gar nix aus. Schlechtes Englisch hat auch Vorteile! So kann ich den Anblick genießen während ich der wunderbaren Stimme lausche ohne jede Irritation durch einen guten oder nicht so guten Akzent.
          Für mich wird es schlimm, wenn ich die DVD auf Deutsch schauen muss, um all die inhaltlichen Verwicklungen tatsächlich zu begreifen. RA auf Deutsch ist kaum auszuhalten, wenn man seine eigene Stimme kennt.

  2. Getting really excited for this. ..his American accent is very good, in my opinion! Occasionally a slip as he says “Shaw”, it seems. And I must admit, it’s weird hearing it come from his mouth. I will always prefer his crisp British/English to American/English any day.

    • I think if he works on the resonance of this accent more — right now it’s still alla bout getting the vowels right.

  3. Man, I hope I get to see this…..somehow. Can’t get Epix in Canada.

  4. Do I remember that he was supposed to be from Boston, or am I mistaken?

  5. His American accent is getting better and better. He’ll nail it eventually.

  6. Good or bad? just because i can’t really tell (doesn’t sound like it comes natural yet tbh in my ears, too slow and thought out, but maybe that’s how it is supposed to sound?)
    On the other hand i really like what everyone in the vid is saying about the content and the concept of it, the personal level, not just another spy thriller. Good, def increases the watchable factor 🙂

    • Part of why this doesn’t really sound East Coast to me is that in general, he speaks too slowly. More like a Westerner.

      • Aha, that makes sense. I think it is a common and unavoidable issue with any accent ‘foreign’ from our own; it is like speaking a foreign language, to get it right you have to think before you speak and that slows it down. The good thing is that the more you do the better you get at it and the more natural it sounds 🙂 I am sure we’ll hear that 🙂

        • At least with this one he understands what he’s saying. There was a fair amount of laughing about his Russian — and you kind of get the problem, if you’re just essentially repeating what are to you syllables …

  7. It looks great and he does sound more comfortable in his American accent! I really liked his facial reaction right after the man said “Whoever Thomas Shaw is, he sure has it in for Berlin Station.”

  8. I’d prefer RA’s British English any day. It sounds so crisp and soothing. However, this American accent works IMHO.

    Re: American accents, I hear different “types” of American every day from native American students and colleagues, and I wonder if pronunciation also relates to educational level. My experience from an American/international school consisted of many types of American (most pupils had Spanish ancestry), but I didn’t encounter accents that presented these extremely rolling r’s like the ones I hear today among some of my students or in TV shows. My American colleagues have, in general, very moderate r’s.

    I really hope to see this. How are we supposed to understand this “Gotcha”?
    A real cliff hanger…!

    • “r” is one of the most distinctive consonants in the US so it’s definitely the place to look for regional difference. And yes, accents are absolutely influenced by educational level.

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