~ by Servetus on August 17, 2016.

13 Responses to “Striking”

  1. This is absolutely brilliant. Love it.


    • yeah — really well done. And smart to stay away from the tech imagery here — I sometimes old Spooks stuff now and think how dated it looks.


      • Well, it all goes through fads and phases, doesn’t it? Spooks was big on the added graphics – binary numbers, brackets etc. That fashion seems to have passed. And Epix is embracing the gif. If you look at this thing, it really is incredibly simple – just a bit of lighting. But it works so well.


        • I hadn’t thought about this being a GIF but of course you’re right. I still don’t instinctively think about images in terms of how they are constructed. But do you think this will go out of style in that aggressively anachronistic way? Akin to looking at old episodes of Star Trek?


  2. Crisp, clean, simple and modern. Love it!


  3. Great atmosphere. Love the light and shadow.


  4. Ditto to all the above comments!!


  5. Excellent trailer, lots of atmosphere, quite stylish and dark. If I didn’t already want to see the series, this would be far more likely to raise my interest than anything else so far. (Not that those trailers were bad.)


  6. Love it. So simple – great effect. Striking, indeed.


  7. I really like it!


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