People who need relief

Three areas that may be worth our attention:

  1. Louisiana is halfway under water. 135,000 are displaced. This is another very poor part of the United States. Here’s a listening from the Times-Picayune of opportunities to help out flooding victims. There are secular and religious options.
  2. If you would like to help out people displaced by fire in California, which has displaced about 82,000 people, one option is the California Fire Foundation. If you want to donate directly to the Clayton fire victims, here are some options.
  3. Syria is ongoing and children need our help. Here’s a link to Save the Children’s Syria program. My understanding is that Guylty is going to do a fundraiser for this organization soon as well.

I am praying for the world and for you.

~ by Servetus on August 19, 2016.

6 Responses to “People who need relief”

  1. I’ve been amazed how little coverage the flood in Louisiana is getting.


    • I guess it depends where you’re looking — I feel like it’s on top of every news report I see. I do think the election is getting more, of course.


  2. Trump is overshadowing everything – all the time. These suggestions come in very handy – I am thinking of Monday… And yes, I’ll be passing on the proceeds of my fundraiser to Save the Children’s Syria fund again. Thanks for passing it on!


    • I think the top three news reports I heard this morning on the radio were (1) Manafort resigns and Trump makes a conciliatory speech in NC (2) Louisiana flooding / California fire and (3) Ryan Lochte. Admittedly that third one could have been left out, that story enrages me and I can’t believe how much coverage a group of miscreant athletes are getting.

      What’s interesting to me is how little coverage Clinton is getting. That’s arguably to her advantage right now, anyway.


  3. Thank you


  4. Thank you.


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