Poor Richard Armitage

In the famous words of Mr. Thornton, you may like to look at the machines, but we have to live with them. We are in the middle of a presidential campaign. If you dislike politics so much, feel free to stop talking about them. Those of us who are informed and care will continue on as we always have.
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~ by Servetus on August 19, 2016.

12 Responses to “Poor Richard Armitage”

  1. Meteor 2016 can come any time now.

    In other news, it IS Friday.


  2. “Fact less” … maybe brexit is still at the back of his mind.

    Are facts important in political discourse? Or is the insistence upon facts a limitation and curtailment of political discourse.

    “Top full” – just doesn’t roll off the Canadian tongue.


  3. IMO political opinion is not a factless universe. Shrugs.


  4. I agree. But isn’t that what he’s saying, too?


  5. I thought this was all related to the reading he’s doing for his role? Since he’s quoting Willetts/The Pinch? I just took it that he’s having to wade in deeper than he cares to, but who knows ☺


    • it’s a quotation from the book he listed as homework. It’s not entirely clear to me that this is related to Kenneth, though, based on my reading of the play.

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  6. If he’s so sick of it,then why he’s publisihing all of it?Every 2nd or 3rd tweet of his is political?
    Maybe i’m missing a point here,but what did he expect to get in return than political opinions that he’s so sick of? What did he expect,flowers,popsicles,balloons? :/
    I give up,i really don’t understand that tweet neither the previous one also qouted from the Willets…
    Is this his private or proffesional state of mind or what?
    I’m really confused with this man lately and today i have to pack my stuff wich i’ve been doing for the last couple of days because i’m moving to a tottally new country,need to find a job and i’m bloody nervous because all of this,this is my first aeroplane flight ,i leave tomorrow…so i really can’t concentrate on this at the moment,but I’m sure Servetus will put some light for me here. 🙂
    I need to pack some cigarettes but i’m afraid they will take it all away from me. 😦 Tho it says that when travelling EU countries you can carry less than 800 cigarettes…ay ay ay…tobbacco will make end of me wheather i smoke it or not. 😀
    Sorry to mind you with my tobbacco habbits here,but if RA share his politics,why can’t i share my worries about bringing cigarettes or not? 😀
    Wish me luck. 🙂


    • I have a friend, a legacy fan, who thinks he has started to believe all the things that fans have been saying to him about how wonderful he is. I couldn’t possibly say. But yeah, it seems as if you regularly tweet about politics you should expect responses in that vein and they may not always be high quality.

      I hope that the flight goes well and that you find work really quickly! Maybe EU tobacco prices will let you kick the habit. They are pretty frightening.


      • well,i arrived well,thank you very much,dear 🙂 Now it’s time to battle 🙂 Very hard first day,emotions going wild,tired from travelling,some fears will i or will not suceed…but let’s see what tomorrow will bring,maybe i’ll think differently and feel better. 🙂 Thank you very much for your support. 🙂
        I know the EU tobacco prices,that’s why i brought mine.It all went without any problems.
        Maybe i’ll quit after i spend these or my mum will have to send a package here. 🙂 Heard a lot of people doing that here. 🙂


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