Thinking of Turkey

My favorite Turkish restaurant in Berlin, about a five minute walk from my apartment that year, was operated by people from Gaziantep. I pray for the comfort of all who are mourning today.

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~ by Servetus on August 21, 2016.

8 Responses to “Thinking of Turkey”

  1. really sad for everyone… the circumstances couldn’t be more horrible 😦


  2. That news was devasting on many levels (again)


  3. This part of the world has me way more worried than the US at the moment.


    • I worry (too much perhaps?) about many things again these days. And it’s not even time for the “lack of sunshine November low” for me. It’s sometimes really difficult to turn on the news. Not only terrorism but all the other stuff that’s going on around the world make me feel like we’re messing things up big time (refugees EU and Australia, Australia and the child abuse cases, Yemen, Syria,…). Last week I had meetings with the International Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders. The things I heard were heart-breaking but at least there were glimpses of hope too. Somewhat more hopeful than what you read from Amnesty and others at the moment. And this today, a child turned suicide bomber at a wedding. Words fail. Sorry, I’m afraid I’m a wee bit gloom and doom this week.


  4. These sad news shocked me since a very nice colleague of mine is currently visiting his family there.
    I still have his enthusiastic description of his hometown Gaziantep in mind and I dearly hope he and his family are well and safe.
    It’s a terrible time we are living in, full of hate, distrust and danger.


  5. Another reminder to tell our loved ones that we love them as we say goodbye. There really is little certainty in this world anymore other than hate and violence. This summer has proven that over and over again.


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