Richard Armitage and Amy Ryan meet the press for Love, Love, Love


~ by Servetus on August 22, 2016.

21 Responses to “Richard Armitage and Amy Ryan meet the press for Love, Love, Love”

  1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful photo.


  2. His arms ….mmmm. One of my favorite looks for him is the green shirt he wore in the hobbit bts.

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  3. That typical RA woman-holding-grip/grasp!!! He’s doing that so well. 😉

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  4. So much to love here – he’s looking buff , he’s gripping AR round the waist, he’s smiling…

    Is it the light or does he have some grey in his beard? I hope so- grey in the beard is a definite turn on for me.

    And I like the shirt – it fits very nicely….

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    • especially around the upper arm!

      I think he has a little grey in his beard now. Looked that way in LA as well a few weeks ago.

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    • He had said in a BTS for The Hobbit that when he grew in his own beard during a break, it came in with grey in the same areas as the fake had. So, he’s had some for a few years if it’s not covered.


  5. Humina humina! What that man does for a plain white polo. 😛

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  6. What Mezz said!!! Looks like I have a new screensaver. 😉😊


  7. Must be the bright lights or something but he is looking very bearded but boyish for 45 years old.

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  8. He’s daring us to believe he’s 45. He looks so young in these pictures. Oh my, the upper arms, the bit of growth on the hair with the cowlicks, the polo, his chest in the polo, the grip on Amy’s waist. Wow. I do wish he wore jeans today though. The man can wear a pair of jeans with those thighs and that bum like no one else. Just the thought of that scene with the jeans added in is making me lightheaded, and I’m being serious.

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  9. Ach du gute Güte, hätte er bei mir die Hand an dieser Stelle und wäre der Rest von ihm derart nahe – ich wäre nicht mehr in der Lage so entspannt schauen wie sie. 🙂
    Nun ja, sie muss sich gewöhnen, schließlich gibt es Arbeit zu tun. Die beiden sehen sehr gut zusammen aus. Hoffentlich wird das Stück irgendwie aufgezeichnet. Meinst du, dass da eine realistische Hoffnung besteht??


  10. Am a little late to the party, but just saw this photo and another of the larger cast from this day. I concur with all comments regarding biceps and beard and backside in denim, and would only add blue… Those eyes come across BLUE in these photos so beautifully. And his eyebrows in that burnished brown. Phwoah. I gotta run…a few miles to burn off this tension.


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