Richard Armitage in the unsexiest pants ever

Guessing that was in preparation for rehearsal. Still Axel Arigato shoes, though?


~ by Servetus on August 22, 2016.

16 Responses to “Richard Armitage in the unsexiest pants ever”

  1. Haha! They do look like the kind of pants that are ready for “movement work” in rehearsal (insert movement joke here). But no one else in the cast seems dressed for movement exercises. Well, maybe the guy in the cutoff jeans, kinda-sorta. Michael Mayer is SUPER ready for some movement exercises.

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  2. I like them. And I bet they’re comfy in the NYC heat.


  3. He’s sexy enough himself so what he wears doesn’t seem to matter too much! 😉 I think they look fine for doing rehearsal work.


  4. Looking at him again…… I actually wouldn’t say that! The closer I look all the more I like them on the man…..


  5. They look so comfy, I like them!


  6. i like them too. He has the look of a man who hasn’t tried too hard but still manages to look well groomed.

    In that shirt, he can do no wrong for me.


  7. I love the look / clothes, and he really looks like he’s enjoying himself.


  8. Okay, first when I read the header, I thought it said sexiest underwear lol! Where is my mind tonight? (I know exactly where it is.) I had commented in an earlier post that I wished he had jeans on. I thought he had baggy trousers on. I was wishing for much more fitted jeans than these. This fit is for manual labor, not appearances.


  9. I don’t not like them, just think they are super unsexy. Esp in comparison to his usual jeans.


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