Sigh, Richard Armitage. Better than a selfie

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Go get ’em at Getty.

~ by Servetus on August 22, 2016.

21 Responses to “Sigh, Richard Armitage. Better than a selfie”

  1. Chriiiiiiiiiiist. That picture combined with the auction excitement, and my heart rate is currently at jackhammer…

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    • I was expecting we’d get a “first day of rehearsals” photo on FB like they have been doing for Holiday Inn, not the full court press (cough). It’s wonderful!

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  2. He’s got a shockingly smooth forehead. Looks pretty good for 45 😉 Would love to see his Dad and brother in comparison.


  3. These pics are giving me heart attacks!


  4. Love this picture. i especially love his eyes with his crinkles, so adorable. even love that he is letting his natural hair color show.


  5. This is probably his first ever photoshot on a birthday of his. At least I can’t recall one. (Momentarily having his white phase… 😀 )

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  6. sigh I need a thesaurus of superlatives 😉


  7. This deserves sooooooooo much more than a “like”. Where the heck is that “THUD!” Button? 😉


  8. Oh my. What a day! I just came from a Poldark preview and a lovely QA after and after having gushed with friend about Crucible one again, i check your generous auctions and donations and when it all seems perfect this hits! And that is a genuine smile not a camera one. I really hope today’s stuff will visit my dreams and that the glow will last and last. Mr Armitage at 45 you are better that ever before 😊hope the birthday was a blast


  9. He looks so good. Is it greedy to hope he grows a few nape curls in the next month or so?


  10. Wauw!


  11. That’s a really nice one!


  12. Got to admit most men look younger with their hair a tad longer with a bit of hair showing on their neck, his is usually curly. He is looking awfully yummy though.


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