Some more birthday videos for Richard Armitage!

I really like this one below:

~ by Servetus on August 22, 2016.

4 Responses to “Some more birthday videos for Richard Armitage!”

  1. Perfect age for to do 007 😉


  2. So much creativity. So much love. I’m in awe. The book of his life!!! I would love to be able to read each page. The video you liked about “why I follow” him had 84 stories, 85 if you count the maker’s epilog. That was a lot of participation. All the planning and hard work shows in these video birthday wishes. I hope Mr. A takes the time to watch them all and read them.
    Thank you for posting them.


    • They were just as interesting to me, I felt. Even if the sample is unrepresentative, one story definitely told there is that the part of the fandom that came in with The Hobbit is clearly more prevalent than the North & South crowd.

      To be fair, of course, there are a lot of fans who have participated in projects like this in the past (often books to be sent to him), so the legacy fans, even those still around, have in many cases already told their stories.


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