Richard Armitage + Amy Ryan: Chemistry?

You can’t tell a lot from an initial picture and especially not from a photo op, but. Again, avoiding spoilers, Kenneth and Sandra are a couple with a lot of energy between them: enough to draw them together against propriety in Act One of the play and enough for a significant firestorm in Act Two. Sandra is a feminist and outspoken. I’m really liking this pairing. She looks like she can play, sweet, magnetic, and powerful all at once. Definitely looks like there is some power and some mischief behind those glasses. She’s definitely not taking your shit.

What say you?

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~ by Servetus on August 23, 2016.

21 Responses to “Richard Armitage + Amy Ryan: Chemistry?”

  1. I hope so. I’ve seen her in a number of things, without knowing who she was – for ex, TV series – in fact she had two great roles in 2 good Law and Order Criminal Intents – but she is usually playing a hard-edged or damaged character – so this may be a change for both of them.

  2. Which person? Both of them, I would say ( we haven’t seen BOF)

    • sorry, Armitage. True. I’m thinking only of roles we’ve seen. However, that’s a supporting role and if the book is any indication, Tom Cahalan’s job is mostly to cheer on / commiserate with / advocate for his daughter. He exists in that narrative only in terms of her needs. Kenneth is an independent personality.

      • Yes – I’ve read both and I’m not at all excited about BOF, neither because of him in his role nor because of the film/subject matter. More was made of the Dad’s role in the promos and interviews, than in the book, itself.

  3. One of the things I like about Ryan is her intense gaze which can border on crazy eyes. When she looks at a thing she LOOKS at it. And when that thing is a person, all kinds of interesting things can happen. You put both of those gazes opposite each other – Yes, I’d expect all kinds of fun tension to come into play.

  4. For sure! Loudly shut doors will end many disscusions. He is good at it 😉

  5. She’s a great actress! If she could make chemistry with Michael Scott on the Office (not that Steve Carell isn’t a cutie), she certainly can with Kenneth! 😉 And what was that druggie role she was quite famous for? Durn, can’t remember, but I thought her ability to channel that might have given her a leg up, for the first part anyway 😀

    • I’ve never seen a single complete episode of The Office … sigh. I have no idea who she is. I really need to get on the stick.

      • Maybe the druggie one was The Wire, or in some film she was a hooker. But for a quick and dirty look, you can try the two L & O CI episodes she was in, though they’re old. Putlocker.

    • I’m guessing the druggie role you’re thinking about is “Gone Baby Gone”. She was deservedly nominated for Best Supporting Actress by the Oscars, the Golden Globes, and the Screen Actors Guild. She didn’t win, but she was up against some formidable competition — Tilda Swinton and Cate Blanchett.

      • That’s it! Thanks! 🙂 She certainly was… and she also played James Donovan’s wife (Tom Hanks’ character) in Bridge of Spies last year. Not as substantial a role, but did carry some emotional weight, & anyone playing opposite Hanks is no slouch! 😉

  6. Looks like she was in In Treatment in the third season. I only watched the first season of that but that’s something I might potentially enjoy.

  7. She looks intense in a vivid way! Don’t want to sound shallow but they match well physically they look interesting together. And that is indeed a pair of complex gazes judging from photos. I’d say even if not along the lines of stuff they have done it should very much be close to stuff they are bound to have tried their hands at in drama school. Good flex of acting muscles in ‘normal life’ context i would say. I’m getting really good vibes for the play.

    • I agree. I think it’s interesting how coordinated their glances are in a lot of these photos. I don’t know if the photogs just sorted out all the ones where they were looking in two different directions, but they really seem “on the same page” in most of these pics. Probably just photog selection. But they look great together.

      • And what always amazes me is how open and comfortable RA is… that surprisingly long arm if his always seems to find a very natural place gently surrounding people or drawing people close to him. I envy him this openness 😊in a good way…also makes you want to be under his wing 😉

        • I’ve wondered about that for a while, if he’s exceptionally touchy-feely for a guy or if it’s just something you learn to do in his profession. The theater people I know are all way touch-friendlier than I am.

          • Me too… the ones I’ve met in work context were generally more physically comfortable than i am around strangers. Ie the odd photo or such you always end up being semi hugged or so. However, around here it rarely really goes beyond hand shake. I have a feeling in the uk some level of physical distance is very much the norm. He doesn’t conform to it at all. I noticed that at SD as well v much to my surprise how close he got very naturally to everyone. Had not really experienced that before. It certainly contributed to a feeling of being paid attention to, being listened to , that he cared in an active engaged way. It was very pleasant as you never felt like YOU intruded physically which i am always weary of.

  8. I thinks it’s very good casting. Although this is a photo session, I think chemistry certainly comes through in the body language and facial expressions. They look very comfortable with each other. I think they will play off each other nicely. They seem to be having fun together.

  9. She has this intelligent look about her (and not because of the glasses) – it’s in the expression of her face somehow and in the eyes. Plus she looks like she can be really feisty as well. I think they look great together – I hope they can transfer that to the stage as well!

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