Gene Wilder, zichrono lebracha

~ by Servetus on August 29, 2016.

14 Responses to “Gene Wilder, zichrono lebracha”

  1. Oh no… 😰


  2. This one makes me very sad. He will be missed.


  3. I only learned today that he was from Milwaukee. A fellow Wisconsinite. Willy Wonka was a childhood favorite and it was neat to be able to carry my amusement at his work into adulthood as well.


  4. I always liked him. I didn’t know he was from Wisconsin either!


    • he hid it well 🙂 Although there really is a vibrant Jewish community in Milwaukee — just not so well known.


  5. he was a very talented and gifted actor and will be missed.


  6. This year can kiss my ass.


  7. Thank you for five minutes of one of his funniest movies, and my favorite. Loved all his work, especially with Mel Brooks. Another irreplaceable talent gone. No one like him.


  8. The clip was great, and bittersweet. So many of them are dead now. Some celebrity deaths hit harder than others, he seems to be one. I still vividly remember seeing Willy Wonka in the theater when it came out, and of course I have no clue how many times on tv. I still watch it sometimes. It’s just such a huge memory from my childhood. Young Frankenstein and Blazing Saddles are classics in their genre, with lines that are an established part of American culture. Gene Wilder was an eccentric, brilliant, kind soul. He will be remembered for a very long time I think.


    • I used to attend an annual conference of church historians that always met sometime around Reformation Day. Which coincides with Halloween (roughly). So it was a frequent experience that I’d be in a Marriott or comparable hotel somewhere, sitting in a room of church historians drinking and watching Young Frankenstein, which was frequently broadcast around Halloween. I think I’ve done that at least five times.

      And yeah: the original Willy Wonka. Unforgettable.


  9. Sigh 😔 I love his work with Woody Allen ,Mel Brooks and Richard Pryor.


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