Situation looks acute in Calais

Things look to be getting even worse at the moment. This article has some suggestions of ways people can help (donate stuff, or food, if you are near Calais, or money for the rest of us). The refugees seem to be supported only by small aid organizations via private donors at the moment and the population of people present is rising.

I was thinking about what to do with my September charity allotment (tiny these days, unfortunately) and I was thinking Florida but maybe it should be Calais.

~ by Servetus on September 2, 2016.

7 Responses to “Situation looks acute in Calais”

  1. This is deeply upsetting. I feel the same way….I feel the need to do something. Not sure which organization to choose, will have to do some reading.


    • as someone said to me on Twitter, Brexit is getting in the way of solving this problem, apparently.


      • Je ne pense pas que dans l’esprit des “brexiteurs”, il y aurait le souhait pour l’avenir, de moins de frontières en Europe …Serait-ce une idée de négociations avec dans la balance: une levée des barrières frontalières contre la montée des barrières financières entre l’Europe et Londres?


        • From what I read yesterday, part of the problem is that many former donors think that the camp was already cleared, so they have stopped donating. No matter what happens in a week or a month, they are having problems feeding everyone now, if the news is correct.


  2. Peut- être trop tard! Le gouvernement parle d’évacuer le reste de “la jungle de Calais”, avec l’aide de la police. L’opération devrait durer plusieurs jours et cela aura sûrement lieu rapidement avant l’hiver. Alors…


  3. Interesting:


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