Favorite Berlin foods #richardarmitage



~ by Servetus on September 7, 2016.

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  1. Ok, but for me Schnitzel is not traditional for Berlin, but it works, because most of the Germans like it, although its originally from Austria (I think). Kalbsschnitzel! Love it 😋

  2. For me the funniest piece in this video is Michelle Forbes nodding along while her colleague praises a steak house 🙂

    • Stimmt 😂 Ob sie da nicht was verwechselt hat ????

    • Ihr zustimmendes Nicken an dieser Stelle hat mich auch sehr verwundert. Sie hat bei mir bisher den Eindruck einer sehr verbissenen und unangenehm missionarisch veranlagten Veganerin erweckt. Man hätte eher einen missbilligenden Blick erwartet. Sie wird doch nicht etwa vom Glauben abgefallen sein… ??? 😉
      Hoffentlich hat RA all die genannten Köstlichkeiten auch probiert. Alles andere wäre doch sehr freudlos.

      • well, she wasn’t smiling very enthusiastically. I’m guessing she is still pretty enthusiastically in favor of her cause. Berlin is probably the best city in Germany if you’re vegan — I can think of worse places, anyway.

        I hope he tried stuff out that appealed to him, too.

        • Ich glaube auch, dass man als Veganer in Berlin ziemlich gut aufgehoben ist. Aber es ist die Vielfalt, die die Stadt wohl so anziehend macht. (Obwohl man selbst bei uns im Süden und in einer Kleinstadt mittlerweile vegan essen kann – wenn man es denn möchte.)
          Sie hat tatsächlich nicht sehr enthusiastisch gelächelt, aber hey, immerhin hat sie sich zurückgehalten und den Lobpreis des Fleischgenusses tapfer ertragen. 🙂

          • I’m sure it’s getting better. I remember all these times when I was still eating kosher, when I’d ask in a restaurant if something I was ordering was without any pork, but then it would have some kind of pork broth or something (high point was a meal in a Straußi outside of Freiburg where they only had pork schnitzel, so I ordered their “salad plate” — the potato salad was particularly good and I asked how they made it and the Wirt said — we cook the potatoes in the broth from our Schweinebraten. Sigh. But people are getting more aware.

            She looks a little tense in that video but that could just be the (stressful?) situation.

        • He loves food too much not to try what appealed to him.

      • 😀yes

    • With her arms crossed.

  3. I’m sure she’s confused by the difference between Eisbein and Schweinehaxe, just like I was 🙂

  4. Wasn’t there a picture of him with a fan at a kebab place ? Searching Twitter ….

  5. Sounded a bit dismissive to me. Aling the lines of “who would eat that stuff????”, so my guess is he went completely vegan and never even touched a döner with a bargepole…

    • Well, some people would say refusal to eat döner from the street is a sign of good sense (sprichwort: Gammelfleisch).

      • Indeed.

        • It seems to me that he mainly referred to the late (or early??) time of eating such a substantial Döner!! I haven’t eaten one in years because the last one somehow “sticked with me” for days!! (If you know what I mean 😉 ) However I love Falafel and the best place for me to eat them in Berlin is “Habibi” at Winterfeldtplatz, which is actually also the favourite of all my native Berlin friends!

          • That still counts as Schöneberg? I’ve never been to that one, but have heard of it. I love falafel too!

            • Uhhh..I had to check it because I wasn’t sure. Winterfeldtplatz is in Bezirk Tempelhof-Schöneberg. To place it correctly 😉

  6. The Kebap place he mentioned must be Mustafas Gemüsedöner, Mehringdamm, Kreuzberg. Still haven’t tried one because the line’s always insanely long (you have to wait for at least 30 minutes) but friends have said that it actually is really good. Instead I’d choose a Curry Wurst at Curry 36 right next to it – was never dissapointed.
    And the restaurant you see at the beginning of the clip is the Maroush near Kottbusser Tor, Kreuzberg. Also quite nice, lovely tiles behind the counter, but there are better ones.

    • I figured because of the lines. I used to get off the U Bahn there all the time but I was never there — Tadim is near there, too, which is excellent. And I lived three houses down from Imren in the Boppstr.

      • Oh, so you lived at the Hohenstaufenplatz? I’m in the Kiez just across the Kottbusser Damm. Is/ was Imren any good (probably depending on how long ago you’ve been living here)? Absolutely love Gel Gör Köfte opposite Hohenstaufenplatz on Kottbusser Damm.
        I shouldn’t be talking of food close to midnight. It’s bedtime and I’m getting hungry…

        • Or the Ziegenplatz as the cab drivers all called it for some reason. Yeah. 2006-7. I really liked Imren — I also ate a lot at Antep Sofrasi over toward the Hermannplatz (if I wanted to sit down. Imren was always crowded and I’d be the only women in it). There’s a Turkish bakery there, too, that I patronized regularly. I probably ate in the Zitrone in the Dieffenbachstr. once a week, too (they had a lunch special). Oh — and the Wochenmarkt on the Maybachufer … I should not think too much about Germany late at night …

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