Richard Armitage might be able to see Janet McTeer this fall

From an article that argues that the off-Broadway offerings this season are more interesting than the Broadway plays. Les liasons dangéreuses is a fantastic play, too. This is a London revival that’s moving to New York. McTeer will play the Marquise de Merteuil (the role played by Glenn Close in the film, which is also excellent if you haven’t seen it). It looks they are playing Monday night, when Love, Love, Love is dark.

~ by Servetus on September 7, 2016.

8 Responses to “Richard Armitage might be able to see Janet McTeer this fall”

  1. I love Les liasond dangereuses with G.Close and J. Malkovic. One of my alltime favourites!


    • Yes. Great film. The transfer of the London original to NYC was also the thing that got Alan Rickman “seen,” led to his role in “Die Hard” and thus to his later, brilliant film career in the U.S. Also, the philosophical implications are fantastic. And very historically accurate.


  2. A great film and a fascinating book.

    I wish Alan Rickman had been filmed in this role. (Nothing against Malkovich, he’s great. It would just be fascinating to be able to see Rickman, too.)


  3. Janet McTeer is fabulous. She alone made The White Queen worth a watch. Can you tell I wasn’t exactly a fan of the series? However, she was great.


  4. Love, Love, Love Janet McTeer. One of my favorite movies is the Songcatcher with McTeer, Aidan Quinn, Emmy Rossum and great music.


  5. I’m not familiar with her work — will have to check her out.


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