Again with the gloves, again with the teeth #richardarmitage

Why the hoodie, though?


~ by Servetus on September 8, 2016.

7 Responses to “Again with the gloves, again with the teeth #richardarmitage”

  1. Vermummt.


  2. Thank you. Was just asking for this on Twitter! LOL, and I screen capped the cat, the hands on face while watching computer screen. He’s gotten better at running down stairs.


    • I didn’t notice about the stairs? Was Lucas bad at it lol?


      • It was a bit of a joke, at least I thought so, when he had to run down stairs in Spooks. He runs up just fine. I think it’s the length of his stride that may make it more difficult and it probably depends on the rise of the stairs. Anyway – that’s my observation, and I think other fans noticed it as well.


        • yeah — issues in RH as well. If a character of his falls apart or evaporates in the physical aspect, it’s often when he’s on the stairs.


          • In RH there was the scene where he had to run down a hill – I mentioned he really looked like a clutz, someone, perhaps it was you, suggested that might have been a stunt double because there might have been a bit of danger. Then there was the episode in which he climbed up a tree to “rescue” Marian. (I think what preceded that was a very bad example of archery. Oh well, he’s gotten better.


          • The most awkward I notice in RH whenever I see it it when the castle is going to be burned, but he goes back to Marion to die by her side. There’s a very odd running step up before that dialogue. I think we need to excuse his very long legs. Remember what they looked like climbing the tree to save Marion? X-rated thought here, all the better to “intertwine”. I’ve given myself the vapors again, hehe.


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