Again with the ice cream, again with the kid [spoilers] #richardarmitage


~ by Servetus on September 8, 2016.

17 Responses to “Again with the ice cream, again with the kid [spoilers] #richardarmitage”

  1. I was very distracted during this scene by the way he was holding his spoon. I’m sorry, it made me cringe.


    • Me too! The whole time I kept thinking his table manners were atrocious! Hopefully he is doing it because he is eating with a child?? But still….it’s quite off putting, it would drive me crazy.


      • I was hoping that too. I’ve never noticed them as bad before. The only real example that comes to mind is Mulligan. He used a fork tines down, which would be right in Britain. That spoon did drive me crazy. I had to rewind a few times to listen to the conversation. I doubt that those are his manners, but if they were, he would probably be the only man living that I would manage to see past them.


  2. It’s really interesting why he holds a spoon that way in that scene. They talkes about a family, he thought of his mother, maybe he wanted to be a child again that moment..


  3. I was thinking if it’s an Eis-café, it’s probably not even a real spoon, it’s one of those little “shovels” that cafes use as spoons for ice cream. Will look again later.


  4. Shades of Francis Dolarhyde eating pie at Reba’s house.


  5. You all must be CRAZY! I think I like him holding a spoon like that! To me, it’s cute and endearing and as we all know by now, Our Richard with any ice cream is like a five-year-old child at times. Don’t care about the table manners too much, since I have worse ones on my best days!


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