Again with the ice cream, again with the kid [spoilers] #richardarmitage


~ by Servetus on September 8, 2016.

17 Responses to “Again with the ice cream, again with the kid [spoilers] #richardarmitage”

  1. I was very distracted during this scene by the way he was holding his spoon. I’m sorry, it made me cringe.

    • Me too! The whole time I kept thinking his table manners were atrocious! Hopefully he is doing it because he is eating with a child?? But still….it’s quite off putting, it would drive me crazy.

      • I was hoping that too. I’ve never noticed them as bad before. The only real example that comes to mind is Mulligan. He used a fork tines down, which would be right in Britain. That spoon did drive me crazy. I had to rewind a few times to listen to the conversation. I doubt that those are his manners, but if they were, he would probably be the only man living that I would manage to see past them.

  2. It’s really interesting why he holds a spoon that way in that scene. They talkes about a family, he thought of his mother, maybe he wanted to be a child again that moment..

  3. I was thinking if it’s an Eis-café, it’s probably not even a real spoon, it’s one of those little “shovels” that cafes use as spoons for ice cream. Will look again later.

  4. Shades of Francis Dolarhyde eating pie at Reba’s house.

    • Well we know Francis wasn’t nurtured though.

      • The way he holds his spoon made me cringe too ! However it seems to me that RA is right-handed, whereas in this scene he eats with his left hand. Maybe that could explain it ? ;)))

        • I’m always impressed by the ambidextrousness of people from the UK with their utensils, but I’m fairly sure they eat spoon / right. So, no idea.

          Those ice cream spoons are also awfully small.

  5. You all must be CRAZY! I think I like him holding a spoon like that! To me, it’s cute and endearing and as we all know by now, Our Richard with any ice cream is like a five-year-old child at times. Don’t care about the table manners too much, since I have worse ones on my best days!

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