new footage from Berlin Station #richardarmitage [spoilers]

From Fuerteventura. Here.

~ by Servetus on September 8, 2016.

7 Responses to “new footage from Berlin Station #richardarmitage [spoilers]”

  1. Wow!!! it’s a whole episode of Berlin Station!!!!! Richie talks German!! Ok, I’m officially SEHR AUFGEREGT!!


  2. It looks like a couple entire episodes are there. Seems like a mistake


  3. Crossed arms, hand to mouth, pulling glove off with mouth, naked Richard, Richard in boxers, Richard kissing, seductive Richard, athletic Richard…it’s all there! Episode One was the best.


  4. Thanks for the link… This may be the only way those of us outside the US get to see this any time soon. I can’t believe that they (legally?) put up two whole episodes of Berlin Station and Graves before the official premiere?. That’s really unusual.


  5. It actually is legal… Wow. Epix really do try to promote this and get people interested.


  6. This was definitely one of the more weird moments of my fandom life.


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