Richard Armitage speaks German


And he’s not bad. From my perspective, he still sounds most of the time like he’s reciting lines, not like he’s speaking, but the vowels sound pretty good for a non-native speaker, and he’s got at least some insight into the rhythm of the language and how it’s supposed to sound.

And he says the German names correctly even when he’s speaking English.


~ by Servetus on September 8, 2016.

11 Responses to “Richard Armitage speaks German”

  1. Is that all the German there is????????? o_O


  2. I’m still laughing about the ‘Bundesvermögensamt‘ 🙂


    • That WAS hilarious. But hey, that word has seven syllables including one with an umlauted vowel. They should have had him say the acronym. Whoever is coaching him must be inclined to say “ö” in an unusual way 🙂


      • He said it very well! But I’ve never imagined to hear him say things like that or ‘Arsch’ 🙂


        • As a foreigner you learn a lot of words like that. Einwohnermeldeamt, for example, is a useful one. Aufenthaltserlaubnis.

          I thought that worked in the scene with the BWG worker, but I was less convinced by all the swearing between Daniel and Ingrid on the roof of the Bikini Bar. I can’t imagine a German of that educational level ever swearing so much in a conversation, no matter how enraged.


          • Yes, the swearing was a bit over the top. But who knows what one would say if one would meet a guy like Daniel on the roof of a building :mrgreen:


            • that’s true. I’d definitely be beside myself. Although if I were going to talk dirty I don’t think that would be my approach, lol 🙂

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              • Normally I am not able to talk at all in front of celebs I like, so ‘Scheiße, Du bist doch Richard Armitage!’ would be a great success 😉


                • That would probably still be tolerable. I just don’t think you could get “ficken” or “fick Dich” or “verfick Dich?” (honestly, it was not entirely clear to me why Ingrid and Daniel were using “Du” — but you can’t really say “Ficken Sie sich” or “Ficken Sie sich ins Knie”) … ok, I have just got to go to bed.

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