You are still so beautiful #richardarmitage


~ by Servetus on September 8, 2016.

18 Responses to “You are still so beautiful #richardarmitage”

  1. Hot damn.


  2. Just growled when I saw this.

    Sidebar: does anyone else want to feed him carbs?


  3. His tummy is very musclely … I’ve tried 4 different ways to spell that, none correct. It is now invented just for his yummy tummy.


  4. Like

  5. Errrggh, have been on the road all day and now in a motel with no wifi (hotspotting my phone arm 😦 ) so no idea when I will get the chance to view these two released episodes, but the images I have seen make me think Daniel Miller will be worth the wait!!!


  6. “still beautiful” as in “despite your age” or as in “despite not having you seen with your kit off for a long time”???? 😀 Rhetorical question. Anyway, nice bod. I guess there were no kebabs in the run-up to that scene…


  7. My eye balls got stuck on my laptop screen when I watched it. sigh


  8. Just a little poll; have any of you ever put on your underwear, and then dried off?


  9. Is it insane that I am googling for men’s underwear with buttons


  10. That is NOT the body of a 45 year old man. Must be a celestial body.


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