You still can’t with the coffee cup #richardarmitage


~ by Servetus on September 8, 2016.

15 Responses to “You still can’t with the coffee cup #richardarmitage”

  1. Lol! Who holds the cup that way, Richard?!


  2. Actually, I do. Always have… Sometimes to warm my hand, mostly as a habit.


  3. Me too. Though I mostly do it with both my hands if the cup is full.


  4. So do I when I’m not in a restaurant. In the cold weather, with both wrapped around it.


  5. Actually it seems to be the way a lot of males hold them. Fingers too fat? lol


  6. There’s something sort of charmingly masculine about it at this point. Although one wonders why they put handles on mugs anyway.


  7. I’ll agree to the male thing, but please be nice about the way he holds the cup. I like mugs myself, for tea, Hot Chocolate, and sodas most of the time. I also would use them sometimes when I have a cold for Chicken Soup!


    • You’re new here. Please read the comments policy in the side bar before commenting again. This blog prohibits fan policing, so don’t tell other commentators that their opinions are not nice or that their way of being a fan or reacting is not okay. Commentators are free to disagree on substantive points, but stick to the topic and don’t criticize other people’s manners. We have many commentators from outside North America and manners are different everywhere. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion as long as it doesn’t involve a personal attack. If you cross the line, I will prevent you from commenting.

      The tone here can be critical and joking. Many of us are long time fans who don’t take Armitage all that seriously. This tone is not for everyone.


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