ICYMI: More Berlin Station links #richardarmitage

per Jaydee — you can see it here if you’re in the UK or per me, in the U.S. If you can’t see these links, I suggest trying this strategy. Thanks to Jaydee.

Update: according to one viewer, these YT links are geoblocked in Canada.

~ by Servetus on September 10, 2016.

21 Responses to “ICYMI: More Berlin Station links #richardarmitage”

  1. There is another way to watch it – to download it from YT first to your device. I found few sites which suggest to download any YT video through their on-line service and it works.


    • Yes. Although this is possible (YT can’t prevent itself from getting content downloaded), however, it’s not entirely clear that it’s legal. It is unlikely that EPIX would prosecute, though.


      • I would definitely buy subscription to one of the TV channels entitled to distribute BS if I could. The copyright issue is very important. I wish Epix would get the respective revenue and arrange for the making next episodes.


        • Yeah, I’m not casting aspersions on those who choose to watch illegally because this whole thing with who can see BS or not is already a f***** mess and it is only going to get worse. And this blog is one nonestop copyright violation. I just don’t want to be in the position of instructing people who don’t understand what could be at stake in how to break the law. I’ll take the risk myself but I don’t want to take it for others.


  2. Still doesn’t work in Canada, unfortunately. Says “Sorry this video is not available”.


  3. OT: just noticed my icon indicated at the blog changed from violet to red color. Hope it doesn’t mean I made something wrong, Servetus?


  4. Nope, sadly not working anymore.


    • Yes, I’m sorry about that, everyone. I thought the original site must have crashed and that they had rectified it. Don’t know what they’re playing at.


  5. Not sure if I should post this, but I was able to download BS form Vanityfair with the Video DownloadHelper add-on for Firefox. Not that this helps anymore, but for future use… I use it for YT downloads all the time too. Doesn’t work for blocked vids though. Or for (mostly fan-) videos with splitted audio & video, indicated by an “ADP” in the download options. There you’d have to download an additional converter or just go to a website to generate a download. Feel free to delete Servetus. I don’t plan on disclosing my sources for movies and series, just wanted to share a useful tool, so that frustrating stuff like that doesn’t have to have such an impact anymore. I sent the link to a friend and I’m not sure she catched it on time sigh. Also, for once I was offline on the 8th, I feel lucky that they took two days to catch onto the situation – if that’s the case – and that they didn’t “block” a download for my tool by cutting the file into little kilobyte sized packets (streaming it, basically). Although, if the geoblock isn’t too heavy, another simple Firefox add-on might help, but I deleted those, I can’t have everything on my computer. Also, downloading becomes trickier with the geoblock. Julia’s input sounds legit though. I’m really sorry for all those who got excited and can’t watch it anymore. What a mess.


    • There’s a post on this blog about circumventing a geoblock — and one should read the comments to that post as well, they are very instructive, especially the one about manually changing the URL of a YT vid.

      I thought about this a lot this fall and I’m just not up for writing tutorials on this kind of thing because too many people from too many places read this blog. In Germany the laws are very strict; in China they are very lax; I just can’t be responsible for encouraging people to do something that may explode in their faces.


  6. I have finally managed to see episode 2 using the facebook link on IMDB.


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