September afternoon in the park

So, does Kenneth have one of those weird 60s hair designs?


~ by Servetus on September 12, 2016.

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  1. haven’t decided whether I like the hat or not…

  2. Kann man sicher sein, dass es sich um die beiden handelt? Ich erkennen keinen auf diesem Foto (habe aber bei solchen Entfernungen immer Schwierigkeiten). Würde mich aber sehr für die beiden freuen.

    • I couldn’t tell either. Are we referring to the two sitting in the back?

      • I assume the person who took the photo saw them from closer. That is definitely Lee Pace. I think it’s Armitage, too, but I’m slightly less certain on that.

        • The hats threw me off and I stared at it, thinking – that doesn’t look like Lee Pace at all! Turns out, I was right – because the guy with the porkpie hat is more likely Richard Armitage. I just assumed Armitage would be wearing the baseball cap.

          • Still can’t make them out for certain, but I guess we’ll have to take the tweeter (?) that they are chilling in the park with a dog or two. Who’s got a dog – RA or LP?

            • (Sorry. sigh)
              …I guess we’ll have to take the tweeter’s word for it that it’s them…

            • Pace has had a dog for a long time. There have been rumors / suggestions about dog for Armitage as well, since the summer of 2014 at least.

              • Poor dog – with RA being away for long periods at a time, if it really is his. One of the reasons I never got one sad face. Don’t think it’s fair to the animal. But I guess he can afford the dog hotel even at NYC prices, or had friends to do the dog sitting.

                • it’s not that hard to bring a dog into Germany, if you are organized ahead of time. If all vaxxes are up to date 21 days before you come, I think all you need is proof of that fact, although if you have long shooting days you still need a pet sitter. But I’m guessing, assuming Armitage has a dog, that he doesn’t have a problem finding a place for his dog to live while he’s away.

                  • But what about the return to the US? And such a long flight is very stressful for the animal.

                    • it’s essentially the same. You need proof of up to date vaxes before the flight, and certificate of health from a vet if you were in a country with certain parasites. I’m not saying he did it or should do it, just that it’s not that hard to do.

                    • Understood perfectly.
                      Just surprised it’s so simple. Always thought that taking a pet outside the EU requires things like a six months quarantine, pet passport and probably all sorts of other (expensive) certificates plus more expensive fares for a flight. Also depending on the size of the pet.

                    • six months is for the UK or Australia, I believe. I don’t know anything about pet passports, but I did look on the US page and there’s nothing about them. It depends a lot on where you’re coming from and where the pet has been in the previous six months.

                  • My mom once (a long time ago) rescued two kittens when my parents were living in Israel and I fell in love with them when I came to visit. I took them home to the Netherlands with me and all I needed was a health passport for them (with valid vaccinations) and I think I had a vet’s note as well. It was no problem at all, other than that the cats were traumatized forever by travelling in a cat carrier (after that getting them to the vet was always a bit of a challenge).
                    UK used to have strict quarantine laws, I know Australia does, but The Netherlands and Germany are less strict, they only require valid immunizations. Don’t know about getting the dog back to the US and how strict the laws are there.

              • Somebody (can’t remember who) had retweetet Lee Pace’s tweet about his new dog some weeks ago. Hard to imagine for me that RA has a dog!! He probably would like one but with his way of life it really doesn’t sound like the best of ideas!

              • LP got a “great” dog in late July. 🙂

            • I don’t think they have a dog there because they are outside the run.

          • And you shall know Richard Armitage by his nose, by his nose. I wonder if that hat is a Kenneth accoutrement, or if porkpies are in style again?

  3. we know Richard and Lee are both very good looking men, but so is the hottie whose messing with his phone. just sayin.

  4. That hat is frightening. I just saw the pic zoomed in – really bad resolution – and it is scarier close up.

  5. Ode to a Porkpie

    I spy,
    With my little eye.
    A guy in a pork pie.
    Hard to see,
    But I propose,
    It’s Richard Armitage,
    By a nose.

    Kathy Jones

  6. Habe mich sowieso schon heimlich gefragt, wann DAS Thema mal wieder hochkocht. Es war lange still an der Front.
    Behütete Männer 😆

  7. This is truly the best news I’ve seen all day. Thanks for posting.

  8. Not entirely convinced this is Aimtage. The man with the funny hat seems to have a tattoo under his shirt sleeve. It’s seems to be more than a mere shadow. I don’t know Pace enough to say its definitely him.

    • Armitage😱

    • i agree with you, Mermaid. it doesn’t look like him, and it does look like a tattoo and also in the picture/video of them going through the gate and the guy with the weird hat turns to shut the gate, you see his face and (to me) it doesn’t look like Mr. Richard Armitage and when they are standing next to each other when the video stops you see the guy is a teenie bit smaller than lee pace, and I have seen pictures with Mr. Richard Armitage and lee pace and Mr. Richard Armitage was taller than lee pace

      • Just a point of information — Lee Pace is 6′ 5″ and Richard Armitage is 6′ 2 1/2″. Of course, perspective can throw things off, but Pace is at least 5 cm taller than Armitage.

  9. Wouldn’t stake my life on it, but it does look like it’s them.

  10. Reblogged this on Unkraut vergeht nicht….oder doch? and commented:

    Nachdem im Augst 2014 schon einmal zwei Herren in New York auf einer Bank hockten und ich mich damals im Geist über die Schuhe lustig gemacht habe, gab es heute Nacht wieder mal ein Bankbild, das mich dieses Mal des Hutes wegen sehr erheitert.
    Bewegte Bilder gab’s dann auch noch….und nun suche ich mir mal wieder eine Ecke und schäme mich fürs Rebloggen dieses ‚Spanner’materials.
    Oh und ich entschuldige mich bei allen, bei denen dieser Reblog einen wunden Punkt berührt – das war nicht meine Absicht!!!

  11. Saw where lee pace tweeted the other day about cleaning out his barn — looked like an older barn. Made me think he might be a country boy.

    • He owns a farm outside the city and he seems to be an on-again, off-again hobby farmer. He’s a country boy by choice, I guess. He grew up in the Middle East and Houston, if I recall correctly.

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