Berlin Station spoiler embargo for me + richard armitage

I think I’m not interested in hearing spoilers for any episode I haven’t seen yet (i.e., episodes 3-10). I plan to continue to discuss what we’ve seen so far, but I am not going to read the press packet and I would be grateful if those who have do not discuss it here. Thanks!


~ by Servetus on September 14, 2016.

10 Responses to “Berlin Station spoiler embargo for me + richard armitage”

  1. Thanks for the reminder re spoilers. Just FYI–I didn’t see any spoilers in the packet for eps 3-10. But definitely for ep 1 & 2.


  2. Ok, I was going to tell you what happens to the cat but I shall refrain.


  3. Just FYI – and no spoilers here from me – I just read the press kit, and there are only summaries of episodes 1 + 2 in there, no further plot revelations. But the summaries of the two preview episodes are extremely enlightening (because they are very detailed – much more detailed, in fact, than a summaries in standard press kits), I thought, so much so, that I feel I need to reevaluate my opinion on BS.
    I actually really liked the press kit, another case in point for the care and money that has been invested by Epix in this show. The whole kit is unlike any other I have seen before (and I see quite a lot of them, in my work for another content provider outside of linear television), with very insightful contributions by the makers of the series: writers, producers, directors. There are also very interesting explanations on the intention and message of the show – which have actually cleared up a few things for me personally. BS now makes much more sense for me, and I understand a few things that I have seen very critically up until now.


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