“Richard Armitage delivers an angry outburst” — Brain on Fire review


~ by Servetus on September 15, 2016.

9 Responses to ““Richard Armitage delivers an angry outburst” — Brain on Fire review”

  1. I thought maybe Richard Armitage delivered an outburst over the reviews. LOL – that’s the second clearly stated title I misread today.

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    • I’m guessing we wouldn’t know about if he did, lol. But I wonder if he still looks at them at all? There was a phase where he was excited to get them, finally, and then a point at which he wasn’t reading them, and then he claimed he wasn’t reading the Crucible reviews but said things that made clear that he knew what was in some of them. Wonder how it is now.


  2. It’s all rather discouraging, I have to say 😦 . Not having seen the film myself, it’s hard to ignore the reviews so far. Of course, the genre really invites the whole weepie trap. But it’s really unfortunate because Barrett is definitely capable of nuanced and effective drama. He has just had a very good reception of his three-part TV series “Smalltown” in Ireland which sensitively and effectively tackles current issues typical for Ireland – the new mass emigration of young, educated people, rural decline, as well as loss and loneliness. I really liked what he did with that, and am sad to see that his venture into feature film shows a different picture…


  3. At least this one isn’t so bad as The Guardian was.


  4. Certainly sounds like the film will be disappointing. Although it seems that the first half of the film focused on the “medical process” and the illness, the second half being packaged up with”uplifting platitudes” is just what I was afraid of. I’ll definitely see it anyway, but I’m feeling rather less excited about it.


    • The only piece of the film I found truly cringeworthy were the voiceovers. They were truly horrible and they did involve platitudes.


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