So will we get another Richard Armitage intimate scene?

I confess I’d welcome that. Thorin never made out. Dolarhyde was creepy.


~ by Servetus on September 15, 2016.

5 Responses to “So will we get another Richard Armitage intimate scene?”

  1. But i really loved the atmosphere of the Dolarhyde/Reba scene, aloth i did not like this Reba. But the movement of Dolarhydes Back, and the look as seeing a glimpse of ultimate bliss/ female ideal. I just could stare at it for hours.

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    • I still can’t get out of my mind that Dolarhyde is for all intents and purposes insane, so while there are moments of pity I feel for him in those scenes, I don’t really get a thrill from them. (not to say you shouldn’t; I just don’t)


      • Yes, sure – for me it was just the skillful art they put in it. I would not wish to come near Dolarhyde at all. Just the colours, the atmosphere. I guess it was my passion for dark pictures =) At least i thought: oh my, this is his grandmothers bed! Go to a therapy…


    • I like this scene, too, despite the character’s underlying problems. It’s beautifully done visually, and I do find their relationship – both the emotional and the physical side – moving and tragic. One would have wished for him to meet her a few months sooner before he went insane / split into the man and the Dragon.
      That being said: I’d love having an intimate scene in Berlin Station. (More than one would also be acceptable. 😉 )

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  2. I would say neck nuzzling is a pretty good sign. Why not eat off a co-star’s plate if you’ve nuzzled them?


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