Love, Love, Love now in New York Times theater listings

Nothing flashy, just included like everything else. But Armitage is now definitely a cool kid. Here.


~ by Servetus on September 16, 2016.

4 Responses to “Love, Love, Love now in New York Times theater listings”

  1. Previews – are these rehearsals that the public is allowed to attend?


    • Not really. They are full scale performances and in this case, you pay full price to see them. However, if you attend one of these performances, you may not see the play in its final form (which it will achieve on press night, Oct 19, when it is officially reviewed; usually there’s an embargo on press reviews before the press night), or you may see the actors experimenting with things that will be deleted later in the run.


      • Thanks. I was wondering because they just had their first rehearsal. Guess they even do theatre differently in the big city!


        • I think a month of rehearsal is fairly standard — that was about how long they rehearsed The Crucible, too. But it does seem like they just ahd their first rehearsal — this month has gone by quickly.


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