Eerie: Valerie Plame and which Richard Armitage?

I made the off-hand remark a few days ago that I always want to refer to Michelle Forbes’ character as Valerie Plame — and now the real Valerie Plame (Wilson) is commenting on being a spy as part of the advertising for Berlin Station! You can’t say EPIX isn’t pulling out all the stops.

Here‘s the article in Huffington Post. Another thing that makes this just a little eerie is the reason that Plame is considered an appropriate commentator. For those who don’t remember, she was a CIA agent, married to a U.S. diplomat who played a role in a mission to Niger to investigate covert uranium reserves. Plame was outed in 2003 (Wikipedia: Plame Affair). Her husband had expressed doubt about the George W. Bush administration’s claims about enriched uranium in a New York Times op-ed; the reporter who covered the matter discovered Plame’s identity and her covert status as the person who had recommended her husband for his position. The reporter named as a source of this information was a senior Bush administration official named, you guessed it, Richard Armitage — or as we call him around here, “the other Richard Armitage.” The disclosure was investigated; no one was charged; and the blame was placed on Scooter Libby, an advisor to Dick Cheney, was convicted of lying to investigators but had his sentence commuted by the second Bush before he left office.

“The Other Richard Armitage” has continued his political career since the second Bush left office and this summer endorsed Hillary Clinton’s campaign for president shortly before our Armitage posted his most recent message for CyberSmile.

We frequently saw references to both these incidents this summer in the “Richard Armitage” live feed — the question of who outed Valerie Plame, and “the other Richard Armitage’s” support for Hilary Clinton.

Shakes head.

~ by Servetus on September 20, 2016.

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