On the Love, Love, Love tickets question

This is a good example of what Perry was talking about a while back. Roundabout Theater Company has revealed a bunch of tickets that were previously blocked off — there were about 125 seats available for the opening night of Love, Love, Love on Monday morning and today there are 160 — including some quite nice ones in the orchestra. So those who have the option to switch seats built into their original tickets, or those who have not bought tickets because of the scarcity of desirable seats — take note.


(Yes, I’m still writing about Brain on Fire!)

~ by Servetus on September 20, 2016.

7 Responses to “On the Love, Love, Love tickets question”

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  2. 160 seats available on opening night? How many does the theatre seat?


    • 424 officially, a few fewer if you count the missing row B i the center orchestra and all the seats for people in wheelchairs.


  3. hm, too late now, all locked and bought. Oh well, never mind, it’s a small theatre and actually it is quite nice to have a bit of perspective on the whole stage than we stuck at foot level 🙂


    • I don’t think there was anyway around this if you were coming from away. You can’t just wait and hope you get the ticket you want. And if the reviews are strong, this situation will evaporate again. I’m noticing that they had deleted the B rows from availability and they have reappeared again, but most of the seats are already taken.

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      • Yup didn’t want to risk it but I’m ok with what i have 😊Also it might sell out after opening so I’d rather not wait. I guess in a way it’s not bad that they release some more gradually It may give people a chance to see it even if they de decide later on.


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