Collateral attractions: I was not expecting that

Joe’s statement in the deposition at the end of the latest episode of Halt and Catch Fire. I will get back to this when I’m done with part two of Brain on Fire. Which I will be later tonight. Way to get out of the trap, dude.


Joe MacMillan (Lee Pace) gives Gordon credit, in Halt and Catch Fire 3.6. Screencap.

~ by Servetus on September 21, 2016.

9 Responses to “Collateral attractions: I was not expecting that”

  1. Joe is never one to be backed into a corner.


  2. Kill two bird with one stone.


    • Seriously. And not just strategically valuable in the short run — gumming up the management of MacMillan Utility — but potentially in the long run. Gordon is no dope, but you can kind of also see the possibility that the script would bring them back together in some way. I would like that — that was one of my favorite parts of season 1.


      • At least I understood some of the tech – that is – Super Mario Brothers. I was staying with my nephews for a few days while parents were away. Nephew would not give me much computer time ( I was a beginner), so when they went off to school, I played – and (shame) I actually played hooky from work ( just one more game, one more game) and played for hours.


        • Those early arcade games were frighteningly addictive. Something about the sounds they made, maybe? I never played Nintendo, but the last game I played on our Atari, Demon Attack — wow. A serious challenge to me completing my math homework in high school.

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      • I’m really losing patience with Cameron.


  3. He did that???? Wow!!!


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