In which I discover that my pseudonym has wealthy relatives


~ by Servetus on September 21, 2016.

19 Responses to “In which I discover that my pseudonym has wealthy relatives”

  1. these mining accident scams really irritate me b/c I come from a family of coal miners who have been touched by REAL mining cave ins, some members surviving and some not. so to know that there are people out there trying to scam people with similar scenarios sickens me.



    I’ve gotten a few – sent to ‘Mr. Z. Muse’. Sexist pig.


  3. Not just wealthy;also lucky.


  4. I really hope nobody ever falls for this stuff. It’s dreadful, really. I’ve received a few over the years, usually involving some Prince in Africa


    • I keep getting ones threatening that the IRS is going to arrest me b/c I’ve supposedly been ignoring their attempts to get in contact with them. I know it’s a scam but I can easily see others getting scared and not being able to think clearly about it in the moment. hopefully everyone knows not to give anyone access to their financial information over the telephone 😦


      • I worry about this a lot. Listening to the things dad will say to total strangers; I’m trying to get him not to answer the phone unless he recognizes who’s calling.


  5. What an unusual scam. It’s not from a Nigerian banker.


  6. Actually, at work today, I won the Emirates Airline Lottery! 10’s of millions of Euro’s apparently! Maybe I can now be on the internet full-time — but only if I act quickly to claim my prize!


  7. Poor uncle William!!! 🙂
    Much funnier than the guy on the phone who tried to convince my mother that my father ordered a new front door for our house some weeks ago. The guy was really persistent, called multiple times a day (also my mother hang up every time he called) and only stoped calling when I’ve got the call and told him what I think about people who terrorize other people with bullshit phonecalls. Maybe words like Anzeige, Polizei and Verbraucherzentrale also helped to get rid of him…..


    • I hate those people.

      There’s a charity that my mother donated to, a worthy one in itself, but not one that my father wishes to support, that keeps calling and asking for her. Both my father and I have told them multiple times that she’s dead (I’ve taken to saying it in really brutal ways because I’m so annoyed) and to please take our phone off the list. I wrote a letter to the charity complaining with no result, about six months ago. The next step is the FCC (the government agency responsible for this). I know the people calling us are just poorly paid hourly workers and it’s a computer that picks the numbers they dial, but this is just ridiculous. It really upsets my father.


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