ICYMI: Berlin Station stuff #richardarmitage

Still trying to catch up with my notifications. I’m sure the devoted fan saw this all last week, but still. Journaling my fandom experience and all 🙂 I took some of these from Guylty and Perry. Thanks!

Here’s a new vid / GIF thingie:

Wow, does he look disturbed there for a second!

Review in the Washington Post (whatever).

Richard Armitage in the subway!



Richard Armitage in the NYT (a twofer!).

Richard Armitage in Times Square (second time)!

@richardcarmitage #wow #timessquare #newyorkcity #usa

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~ by Servetus on September 22, 2016.

4 Responses to “ICYMI: Berlin Station stuff #richardarmitage”

  1. Ihm steht das blanke Entsetzen ins Gesicht geschrieben. Das hast du super eingefangen. Frau fragt sich, was ihn wohl so erschüttert hat?


  2. He looks so unbelievably gorgeous in that last shot. Was this the ad shown during the Mr. Robot finale?


    • Not sure — I wasn’t watching it b/c I haven’t started this season yet. For someone who is basically unemployed, I am ridiculously busy.


  3. the trailers and this included were very very good indeed, very catching


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