More evidence of EPIX advertising savvy

These are tweets about the finale of Mr. Robot, a series produced by Anonymous Content (like Berlin Station), the first season of which was widely lauded — last week Rami Malek, who plays the lead, won an Emmy. Looks like they are advertising Berlin Station during the finale as content that Mr. Robot watchers might like. Smart. Mr. Robot is my favorite show of the last year or so (although I admit I haven’t watched any of the second season yet).

~ by Servetus on September 22, 2016.

9 Responses to “More evidence of EPIX advertising savvy”

  1. Just watched Blindspot on NBC, and a Berlin Station ad played during that show too! Good to see EPIX is really pushing it.


  2. I love those twitter responses!


  3. I just finished watching it this week, S1 i mean 🙂 Was too stingy to pay for it in Amazon last year but gulped it up on linear TV. I love it very very much and i thought Rami’s win was much deserved. In fact i am so hooked i think this time round i will fork out the money to watch S2 immediately rather than wait 🙂 I always have some 4-5, sometimes more running that i binge watch at weekends (not series but separate eps of diff series, i like the 1 week wait) and this was always the one i watched last since it started because it was my favourite.
    Good to know they are advertising in all the right shows. Still stunned by how much money they are throwing at the marketing…


    • I’ve heard some rumblings that the second season isn’t as good — but I’m definitely going to watch it.

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      • They rarely are tbh when the 1st is as good 🙂 Certain things simply cannot be kept at the same level for such longer series, but even if it is only close it will still be worth it. I am def going to watch it too 🙂 And maybe while i am paying i will get Halt and CF as well 🙂


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