This is what I wanted to know about Richard Armitage in Love, Love, Love


(If you’re going to express outrage that I find portrayals of smoking sexy, please be aware that I’ve already been informed many times about how reprehensible my attitude is. Thanks for your concern, but save your breath!)

~ by Servetus on September 23, 2016.

20 Responses to “This is what I wanted to know about Richard Armitage in Love, Love, Love”

  1. I live in the land of aggressive non-smokers, but I’ve never understood the puritanical attitude. One of the little disappointments of my life is that I’ll never get to see my husband in his dark suit with both martini and cigarette in hand. He quit smoking before I met him, so I have to settle for just the martini.

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    • I’ve blogged about this enough in the past that I have no need to air it again but there are always new fans who don’t know about the history of this discussion in the Armitage fandom who rush in to alert me to the dangers of smoking. I’m not a libertarian but this particular issue always reminds me that I could be.

      I was together with an occasional smoker for a long time. Appearance wise, it’s so appealing.

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  2. Hey, some of us coughmeandzan deeply appreciate the joint-rollong research he must have done. Dude’s a professional.

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  3. I’m saving my breath about the smoking – looking forward to seeing it. We’ve seen him roll before (George Gently). He was pretty good then and I bet he’s had more practice – maybe a coach.


  4. Agree with you for my own reasons. While most smoke gives me a headache…certain cigars and pipes the exception…smoking has long been viewed as sexy (ref: iconic James Dean and Steve McQueen images) by a significant segment of the population. For me it’s the juxtaposition of the carnal and the vulnerable that the mouth represents.

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