Very positive Spanish review of Berlin Station #richardarmitage (translation)

Here. My rough translation:

It could be that you haven’t heard of “Berlin Station” yet, but it’s certain that you’re going to see it everywhere very soon. It’s about the latest production of the EPIX network, which hopes to challenge American productions, bringing the CIA fully to our continent.

The story of the series, just like its aesthetics, raise attention through the great contrast that they produce with respect to their American counterparts, although here the pompous glamor and technology disappear behind the offering of a vivid image of the beautiful city of Berlin.

The series, which in this case circles around one of the most important American intelligence posts in Europe, that of Berlin, start in the difficult situation of coping with a mole who is passing confidential information to a journalist. It might remind us of Snowden, and of course that’s what they hope, since it is almost mentioned in the trailer, although it has nothing to do with, but rather “Shaw,” the codename of the mole.

To give to this plot, and of course to put an end to these security leaks, we meet Richard Armitage, yes, you all remember him from “The Hobbit,” together with Martin Freeman and Ian McKellen. Here he is playing Daniel Miller, an agent sent to Berlin with the only task of unmasking the party responsible for the document leaks in the CIA.

What does this series have that the others don’t? We’ve already mentioned its aesthetics, which capture on, although it’s true that perhaps one might need to take things a little more slowly with respect to the development of the plot, since it presents us with a large number of characters in a situation of extreme stress, in which it’s hard to follow the rhythm of all of them and pick up all the nuances. The cast in general is very good, they are all actors and actresses of importance who surely will exploit the maximum prospects of their characters. If the series develops with maturity we will have a thick, well-spun plot, something that pleases after seeing one frivolity after the next on television.

The only flaw that we find after seeing the first two episodes is perhaps a lack of originality, although if we think about it, it’s a spy series, and there’s nothing new under the son. We will have to await everything that develops with the elegance and professionalism that’s demonstrate up till now. We can do this, marvel at Berlin in all its facets. Its day to day, its most important neighborhoods and its night life. It’s not bad to change scene from time to time.

The series is taking its task very seriously, and the network has created an interactive website where you can recreate the steps of the protagonist, enjoying in this way the complex world of spies from the comfort of your house. Don’t fail to visit it when you a free moment, because not all the networks put so many resources within our reach, and it’s worth the effort to try it out.

~ by Servetus on September 23, 2016.

7 Responses to “Very positive Spanish review of Berlin Station #richardarmitage (translation)”

  1. Thank you very much for the translation, Serv!


  2. I was very lucky indeed, as a Canadian, to have been able to watch the first two episodes before they became inaccessible to us northerners. I really enjoyed it and I think this review here really reflects how I felt about the show, “something that pleases after seeing one frivolity after the next on television” and especially where it says “a large number of characters in a situation of extreme stress, in which it’s hard to follow the rhythm of all of them.” Finding that rhythm makes me want to watch more of the show. I don’t know how yet…..


  3. I also thought this review captured my impressions of the show.


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