Wendy Caster (theater blogger) responds to Love, Love, Love #richardarmitage

Here. [spoilers] Last paragraph reviews individual performances.

~ by Servetus on September 23, 2016.

18 Responses to “Wendy Caster (theater blogger) responds to Love, Love, Love #richardarmitage”

  1. So, all praise goes to Amy Ryan? And Richard Armitage is just “charming as Kenneth”?


    • She’s the bigger name in theater so she’s going to get more notice, I think.

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      • He’s starting over in the states so he looks ‘new’ to other people. It took me a while to remember where I have seen Amy Ryan on the small screen. Then it hit me, she was Beadie Russell on The Wire. That’s only one of her many, many credits in her career.


      • And her character is more important in the play, I suppose.
        Good to know the show is an excellent shape already.


        • It’s interesting. I didn’t have the impression from reading it, but I can see why people would think that, insofar as she is the motivator for two really central problems in the script in Acts One and Two. Kenneth is less of a catalyst — the main thing he wants is not to suffer / be inconvenienced / work hard. He’s lazy. Whereas Sandra is an active malevolent force.

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      • And it’s the role too What she says is good news. The female lead has to work for the play to be successful i would say and it is a bit more challenging to play as well


  2. I actually was near this blogger when we were exciting and I overheard her saying that she thought it was really well-written but that she didn’t like it, which I thought was an interesting reaction so I’m glad to read her thoughts on it. I do agree with her that I thought Rose became less of a character than a mouthpiece during her Act 3 rant and thus loses a bit of her effectiveness as a result.


    • I haven’t seen it but based on my reading of the play that response makes sense to me. Act Three is an interesting problem — I had the same reaction to her from my reading. I’m on Rose’s side but I cannot stand her. I’m frustrated by and angry about Kenneth and Sandra’s inability to process what has really happened in the world, but they come off better for me. It’s an interesting problem, to end up sympathizing with narcissts, and it’s particularly interesting since the play is so often read by theater critics as an indictment of the Baby Boomers.

      This sort of weird irresolvable juxtaposition between viewpoints (in a way that provokes philosophical collision rather than a sort of “anything goes” vibe) seems to be a characteristic of Bartlett’s work. I’ve now read three of his plays. Sometimes it works better than others (e.g., I don’t think it works at all in Wild).

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      • Totally agree. It’s clever writing i think snd he provokes these conflicted reactions intentionally I’m sure. I admire the skill and hate the feelings 😊


  3. The way I read it , since RA was so charming and she could not hate him as much Amy he somehow did not do a good enough job ?


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    Haven’t read it yet.


  5. About the play, she echoes my thoughts completely. I’ve had trouble with Rose from the beginning. Glad to hear about the performances.

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