Has Richard Armitage used up all his Hobbit socks?


~ by Servetus on September 24, 2016.

15 Responses to “Has Richard Armitage used up all his Hobbit socks?”

  1. Skinny jeans? Pants with banded cuffs?


    • I think they’re called jogger pants. My teen-aged cousins and nephews dress like that. Jogger pants, rolled up skinny jeans, bare ankles. Not really a fan of RA’s ‘young’, trendy style.


      • Thought that’s what they were, athleisure they call it. Ya, I hate to say it but, 45 might be beyond the athleisure trend even for Richard. OTOH, comfy for going and unwinding.


      • Thanks for this tip — I was looking at them on the web. I see there’s a Zumiez version that has built up knees (combines with the biker pants from a few years ago).


  2. Is it hot in NY? Or are his feet hit after a performance?


  3. Did I mention he’s shoeless for all of act 1? Nice feet. 😉


  4. Maybe we should send him some. I really dislike the no sock fad. Barefoot is sooooo muh better.


  5. 😄


  6. why do i find the idea of toilet paper talking about his ankles so hilarious 🙂 (and why is he screwing with my head!? i normally don’t like the bare feet in shoes look, but i find this irresistible!)


  7. Never liked the “no sock fad” on anyone through the years, but to each his own. Everyone has their own style.


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