Richard Armitage in Love, Love, Love — the search for information

My favorite picture so far!

My favorite picture so far!

You’re asking yourself, is Serv going to live blog every stage door at Love, Love, Love for the next three months, and the answer is “no.” I’m not willing to arrange my life around the theater let out times for that long; assuming I can do press night, I will certainly do that one, though. What ended up happening after The Crucible was that I would live blog some and not others, or I would blog until I saw a picture of whatever Richard Armitage was wearing that night, or I would do a summary.

So if you want to scout for information faster than I can provide, and you’re new at it, this is what I do for fast information. I open my browser and I open the following things in separate tabs — at least in my browser, these update automatically. Logging out of Twitter assures you see everything — which can mean you see a lot of crap, of course. At the moment it’s people entering a lottery for same day cheap tickets.

If I see people in one of these tags who have checked into the theater, I then right click on their Twitter handle and open their main page in a new tab, then switch the page to see “tweets and replies.” They are potentially more likely to say something about the production without necessarily tagging any of the other things I am already watching.

Next, I open tabs with the following instagram tag searches. These are supposed to update automatically, but in my experience they don’t always. There are “top posts” and “most recent posts” sections — we’re looking for “most recent.”

Third, I get email notifications from this public facebook group.

After that, where to look gets more complicated. I usually look first at what Twitter friends are saying. I am also subscribed to Google Alerts for a number of search terms related to the play, although the title “love, Love, Love” makes this a pain. There’s also a “Love, Love, Love” Twitter life feed but it’s mostly useless for similar reasons.

And then when I have time I look to my usual sources of information that I’m always using for scouting information about Richard Armitage — different social media, discussion boards, blogs, etc. Probably the most useful of these will eventually be the relevant tumblr tags. Also, there will eventually be detailed personal reports from fans on the fan forums — Richard Armitage Central, C19, Armitage Army, and the German Richard Armitage Forum, but keep in mind that the terms of service for the boards typically prohibit the dissemination of material there in other venues without permission. You can link to that info and point other people to it, who can see it if they are members, but you may not repost.

On press night, there will also be the commercial photo sites to watch, and the conventional venues for theater reviews in New York, which will update relatively quickly, at the latest by the print deadline for the paper (for example, the New York Times has graduated deadlines for different sections / editions beginning at 9 p.m. and ending at half past midnight; they are printing by 1:30 a.m. and delivering by 3:00 a.m. — there’s an interesting article about how they do this here.)

Expert fans will have other tips; please put them in the comments!

~ by Servetus on September 24, 2016.

10 Responses to “Richard Armitage in Love, Love, Love — the search for information”

  1. Whereas I stare at Tweetdeck and my emails.

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  2. You are such a Good Doobee! You even do all the work about you’re not doing all the work. Thank you


    • teach a fan to fish … I think everybody should be able to look on her own if she wants. It’s fine to rely on the superfans but it shouldn’t be necessary. What if we all met up at one time and were attacked by terrorists? 🙂


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