Also from today’s stage door #richardarmitage

These daylight stagedoors are going to be great — so much better than the lighting at the Old Vic in general, though.

~ by Servetus on September 25, 2016.

13 Responses to “Also from today’s stage door #richardarmitage”

  1. Looks like he’s quite the multi-tasker…signing one while looking at another. How long does he spend doing stage door?


    • from the little videos we’ve seen so far and the speed of the multitasking i’d say 10 min at the very most (as there don’t seem to be huge crowds for now either, likely also due to considerably smaller theatre size?)


  2. Very nice photo! Thanks.


  3. I have to say I like him in a leather jacket. And he sure looks great in daylight. I’m so wishing I could go, but seems not meant to be. It’s great so many are sharing their pics and experiences.


    • Just from the timing — the whole thing is happeningly really quickly in comparison to the Crucible — I think he may not be showering in the theater. It’s like the play is done; ten minutes, the stage door is happening; ten-fifteen minutes — everyone is leaving.


      • Well, apparently other than hair product for Act 3, there isn’t any real grossness to be showered off immediately. By the end of The Crucible, he couldn’t possibly have waited until he got home.


  4. well, even in the night ones it’s not going to be 11pm 🙂 and looks to me like this area of NY is very much brighter than Waterloo 🙂 But it’s also not a residential area either, is it ?


    • The theater district itself isn’t, although there are a lot of hotels there. Hell’s Kitchen is about two blocks away.

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      • i am glad i live far away from the theatre district 😉 I know somebody who lives around the Old Vic and who wasn’t all that happy with the goings on at their doorstep every night 🙂


    • There is also something about the lighting in the lobby and around the theater that almost makes it look like daytime. The whole area is well lit and bustling ( though that particular block, not so much at that hour). But Serv is correct, housing starts a little further west.

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