For whoever wanted to know about the bag


~ by Servetus on September 25, 2016.

12 Responses to “For whoever wanted to know about the bag”

  1. I’m pretty sure he has everything under control 😉


    • Lol 😂 ya think? I still think it’s so he can be more convincing as a 19 year old. He’s probably doing yoga to lean out, which “blows his mind”. I’m sure he’ll bulk up again before the next part or so.


  2. I tend to believe he’s naturally very lean, especially as he gets old, and it probably takes a lot of eating to bulk up for roles when he has to.


    • I meant as he gets older – he’s not exactly old yet!


      • i’m with you on that 🙂 in this case his thighs certainly looks slimmer, but either way looks fine to me 🙂 That bag looks massive though, wonder what he is lugging round! Looks bigger than my work bag and i thought i was carrying loads LOL


  3. He seems to be like my hubby. If he is not shovelling food in his mouth constantly, he quickly loses weight. It is very annoying living with someone with a high metabolism rate, largely because I am the exact opposite. I just have to look at a piece of cake and I gain 10 pounds. In Richard’s case, it looks to me like he is probably doing a lot of running and not much weight training, thus the lean, non-bulky look.


  4. Oh, and I wonder what in the world he is carrying in that bag. The kitchen sink? It looks full. And heavy.


  5. Some of these pictures it looks like he’s actually lost weight in his forehead — did not think that was possible.


  6. He might need to for an upcoming role.


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