Here are some more from 9/24


Here from Kate Lagana.


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(c) RA US #richardarmitage #stagedoor #lovelovelove #lllplay

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This is actually 9/22, I think

(c)Julie #richardarmitage ##stagedoor #lovelovelove #lllplay

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Here from Claudia Cardillo.








~ by Servetus on September 25, 2016.

16 Responses to “Here are some more from 9/24”

  1. Aww Mike Mayer’s bag. Looks very practical! I haven’t seen pics of Richard with his trusty backpack either.

  2. I remember the backpack from your Crucible reports! I think I’ve see one picture with the brown briefcase.

    At least the Belstaff jacket makes a return. Though I think if you invest in a Belstaff you better be able to wear that jacket for life!

    • I think he has more than one, but I think he bought some of them from his Lucas North wardrobe.

      • Yes, this Belstaff is different than the one Lee borrowed in the Hobbit BTS.

        Maybe this nondescript black cap is his talisman for this play.

        • Or Lee has his own.

          • Possibly. But the jacket looked a little small on him.

            Sorry, I just like looking at clothes and shoes.

            I wonder whether Richard owns belstaffs in other colors besides black? I don’t think the brown jacket is a Belstaff.

            • I wrote a long post about this particular bit of fan irrationality years ago, so I am not going to get into it again today. Feel free to talk about clothes.

  3. I have an urge to know what’s in his bag…..

  4. Hope Yael will send him some greetings. I wonder if this attending somehow related to his possible future project.
    There was a buzz today on Twitter if she was in a car he took yesterday after the evening show.

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