Another perspective on the Berlin Station promo shoot today #richardarmitage


~ by Servetus on September 26, 2016.

6 Responses to “Another perspective on the Berlin Station promo shoot today #richardarmitage”

  1. I bought Vanity Fair at lunch today for something to read and there was a lovely advertisement for Berlin Station within the first few pages. Kind of lingered there and didn’t get any reading done.


    • Good to know (planning trip to bookstore tomorrow, now …) 🙂


      • It’s the one with Springsteen on the cover. It’s just the same ad with the cast pic and that other show by EPIX is on the page too so not all that special but I thought it was pretty special that it was in Vanity Fair (one of the very very few magazines I will actually pay for) near the front where all the Gucci and Louis Vuitton ads go. Go Richard!


        • maybe I will just look at it. But if they are including it in their ads perhaps it will eventually make it into editorial as well.


          • Well I flipped the page at lunch today and there was a full page ad for Berlin Station with a pic of RA and a quote from him about his character and quotes from the other castmates about characters. I was just excited RA was in Vanity Fair at all.


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