Pointless snooping …

So, I was thinking, no place listed for the Berlin Station premiere, but I could go looking around. Like, I could see if there’s a pattern to where EPIX has held its big public events in Los Angeles, and if anything is scheduled at those places on Thursday. So far, there doesn’t seem to be — I’ve found events at the Theatre at Ace Hotel Downtown (the Katy Perry premiere), the Billy Wilder Theater (the “America Divided” documentary premiere), and the Samuel Goldwyn Theater, where they hold the Oscars (the “Under the Gun” documentary premiere). None of these have events listed for Thursday night, either, though.

Honestly. I’m annoying myself at the moment.

~ by Servetus on September 26, 2016.

8 Responses to “Pointless snooping …”

  1. They plan Red Carpet ceremony. I suppose it should be held in the appropriate place.
    It would be a shame if the event will be poorly covered.
    After seeing so many tweets and pics of BS advertisment in NYC (taxi, billboards ) on Twitter I thought the LA premiere would be epic.


    • I think there will be plenty of coverage; the press will be invited, in any case, and the photographers, and the people who work in the media industry. They just apparently didn’t want normal mortals crashing their party.


  2. What about an ordinary theater?


    • I thought about that (also a more public / university setting — they have done events at the Annenberg School at USC for instance, and also at the Ford Foundation in NYC). It’s been hard to suss out from their non-existence publicity how “gala” this will be, or how much they would use the event to try to create an impression about EPIX. I mean, if they throw relatively big parties in known venues for their documentary films (which have been a flagship endeavor), and they want to make a big splash for their scripted series, you’d think they’d do it in a trend or classic venue. OTOH, I didn’t check to see if they were doing that for ‘GRAVES’, for instance —

      at some point I made myself stop the research. Because this is really silly and for me, definitely the sign of a bored mind in overdrive.


  3. I fine it funny the “snooping” we all do in some form, at one time or another to find info on his appearances, movies, etc. I guess there is a bit of spy in all of us.lol


    • So this is the kicker — if I’d paid to join the site, they’d have given me the information. It wasn’t even all that much. Honestly — talk about avoiding the easiest route to the information!


  4. hey guys, heard it’s at Milk Studios in LA…


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