Richard Armitage on EPIX snapchat

Thanks to Veloce for transferring this. I guess I’m going to have to get yet another platform account.

~ by Servetus on September 26, 2016.

23 Responses to “Richard Armitage on EPIX snapchat”

  1. “you think trolls are bad, double agents are worse”, LOL! he’s so cute❤

    • G-d. He is. And he’s figured out how to make fun of the whole pitchman thing so he doesn’t look so embarrassed — that last piece is really effective.

  2. Oh, he is good and has fun at what he does.:)

  3. 😍 Luckily nobody sees my stupid smile!

  4. Super cute! Definitely one of my favorite things he’s done recently❤

  5. Truly, he reminds me of his CBeebies’ programme 😉 G-d, that man is so gorgeous! This pirouette…..drives me crazy and ..yes…stirs my blood…….😀

  6. what’s he saying again, forgot everything the moment he turned his face straight at the camera😉 (and he should always wear his hair like this! yum!)

    • maybe he should be a politican — he’d totally get elected. Or maybe that would not be a good thing.

      • oh please God, no🙂 i need my fun place that has little to do with politics😉 (i am watching the debate and half listening to the Met opening Tristan )
        But i know i will b watching this video a lot🙂

  7. Clearing my browser history now! Very convincing (and lovely to look at).
    By the way, when browsing Youtube today, I found that episodes 1 and 2 have been uploaded by an individual and can currently be viewed in Canada. Came up right near the top of a Berlin Station search.

  8. Thank you. I can watch as well. Give the person a medal of some sort 😀

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